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We are more campaign

15 April 2011

Culture Action Europe and the European Cultural Foundation have launched We are more, a Europe-wide arts advocacy campaign to influence the next EU budget negotiations for the 2014-2020 period. ELIA invites everyone to sign the manifesto here or on the We are more site.

we are more (2010-2013) is a Europe-wide arts advocacy campaign set up by Culture Action Europe. It will use the upcoming EU political and financial negotiations for the period 2014-2020 as a timely opportunity to develop and sharpen the arguments used when advocating for arts and culture. The ultimate goal of the campaign is to contribute to a strengthened recognition of the role of arts and culture in the development of our European societies. The concrete campaign objectives focus on improving the quality and quantity of support that the sector receives from 2 key EU policies (the Culture Programme – providing direct support to cultural co-operation projects, and EU regional development policies – supporting cultural interventions as key contributions to social, economic and territorial development). The aim is for the campaign to function both as an eye-opener for policy-makers at local, regional and national level, and as a mobilisation and professional development tool for the sector.

The campaign asks for:

A bold and daring Culture Programme for the period 2014-2020 that will fund cutting edge artistic and cultural experimentation around our common European concerns and aspirations. A programme that will support innovative cultural co-operations, and experiment with new artistic, intercultural, social and economic models.

An earmarked and enhanced support for cultural interventions and cultural investment in the EU regional development funds, with the building of human, cultural and social capital, sustainable development, social inclusion, cultural participation and enhanced citizenship and governance as objectives.


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