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They are pretty

30 October 2010

Les Filles Follen start by taking us along into their dressing room. Their piece continues with an intermission, during which they walk among the audience dressed as cigarette girls. 'Give us cigarettes', 'We are pretty', it says on the box holders - pay us and we will entertain you.

In ENTRANCE WITH CHARGE: two girls smoke a cigarette in only 30 seconds the dancers are constantly aware of and playing with their image. We can't stop staring at their long, beautiful, bare legs – and they know it. By adopting the aesthetic of 50s cigarette girls they reiterate and add a tinge of irony to the cliche of advertising and mass entratainment being mostly about the attractive female body.

Their dance is a shifting interaction, from the sexy and self-aware to the agressive and tipping into the neurotic, when they both scratch each other's bodies frantically. The performance is intertwined with beautiful moments of recreation when entratainment is put on hold; at one point, towards the end, one girl gives the other a backrub after what seems to have been a hard days' work.

And in the end the promised entratainment is delivered, the two girls do smoke a cigarette in only 30 seconds.

See the performance today at 14.30!

For more on Les Filles Föllen, go to their website.


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