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The Winners of 'Drawing of the Year 2019'

02 December 2019

ELIA member Aarhus School of Architecture has announced the winners of the international drawing competition Drawing of the Year 2019. Post Human Metamorphosis was the theme of this year’s competition. Students from 45 countries took part in the competition, and the winners were found among a total of 124 entries.

The first prize: Ruins Ring
The first prize of 5000 euros was taken by Wenhao Yang and Wenqi Wu (China) from Tsinghua University (China).

The jury had the following to say about the drawing:
“The first prize winner has made a remarkable drawing that makes us reflect on human values, culture and identity. By using well known references like trophies, teddy bears, sculptures and memories from our daily lives the drawing questions whether such artifacts will exist in the post human era or whether they will be forbidden – and hidden – in an analogue memorial tower like Ruins Ring.

The second prize: The Post-Human Parliament
The second prize of 2000 euros was taken by Haris Hasanbegovic (Denmark), Aarhus School of Architecture (Denmark).

The drawing was created by a former Bosnian refugee. It urges all architects to commit themselves and take action. It also comments on the Danish debate about refugees: the Danish parliament is transformed into a temporary dwelling for refugees.“Using subtle, classical drawing instruments, section and perspective, the drawing is a provocative message and a call for inclusion, charity and open minds. The daily tasks of the politicians continue alongside the new inhabitants of the parliament”, said the jury.

The third prize: The Void Between Light and Shadow
Youngi Kim (New Zealand), The University of Auckland (New Zealand) takes the third prize of 1000 euros for a drawing which celebrates nature and recognises the knowledge possessed by New Zealand’s indigenous population, the Maoris.

From the jury’s motivation:
“The message of the drawing is to apply and share this knowledge, in order to heighten architectural awareness and the importance of nature when building and drawing for the masses. The drawing draws our attention because of its pure composition, its mastering of light and shadow, and its way of addressing the theme in a poetic and authentic way, seen from a Maori point of view.”

For more information about the Drawing of the Year 2019, visit the website.

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