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The sound of magnetic skin

28 October 2010

Remember cassette tapes? Martin Rille's Coded Sensation takes them a big step further by transforming them into magnetic skin.

 Coded Sensation is a performance integrating tactile perception and sound. Three dancers wearing black gloves and shiny dark suits reminiscent of petroleum are performing at the gallery RDV.

The suits are made of casette tapes the artist has collected from friends, flea-markets and e-bay. 80S and 90s music as well as poems, stories and data from early computers stored on the initial tapes were turned into a clothing shell. The sounds, “read“ when gloved hands with audio-pick up touch coded surfaces of their own or the other performers' body, are simultaneously amplified and re-transmitted into the space.

Several sources have served as an inspiration to the artist, from contact improvisation to having worked for Sony repairng walkmen, to a long-lasting interest in telecommunication and electronics.

Martin would have liked to use video casettes initi ally, b ut the VHS sensor was very difficult to combine with touch due to its continuous rotation when reading information. He is interested in continuing to work with sense perception and electronics, as well as with barcodes in the future.

If you've missed it today, the performance will take place daily at 16.45h, 17.30h.

For more information see Coded S ensation on Facebook and their website.

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