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The performances have started, and they are breathtaking

29 October 2010

The Theatre/Dance performances started with a full house in the Lieu Unique yesterday evening. The three pieces were stunning in their boldness and intensity.




Andrew Graham's Quasi experiements with deconstructing gender and sexual identity by means of stereotype. The dancer's body is often duplicated or fragmented, and oscillates from shy, fragile and feminine to strong, virile and masculine throughout this piece.

Duplication takes place literally when parts of Andrew's body are captured live on a video camera that simultaneously projects on the wall behind him. This results in stunning visual contrasts: what looks as an androgynous body from afar and is easier classified as female due to its posture and girly red dress, reveals a hairy cleaveage in the background projection. Fragmentation is also present when both the male and female occupy different parts of the dancer's body. While one side, wearing a black leather jacket, is determined and manly, the other is still under the spell of the pretty red dress and lipstick, and the two clash in what seems to be at the same time erotic union and the fight for power over and control of body and identity.

An Exclamation of Surprise or Incredulity
, by choreographer William Collins, features a couple who also struggle with their gender roles, but their inability to communicate is foremost. Their singing is out of sync and the entire dialogue actually consists of snippets out of films – from Alladin to Pretty Woman to A Farewell to Arms, based on the novel by Ernest Hemingway. Even the laughter is not their own, but Julia Roberts'. As people under surprise and in shock, their only original attempts at communicating result in physical closeness and returning to visceral sounds, screams, yells and moans.

See the performances today at 14.30!

Marco D`Agostin and Airen Koopmans in An Exclamation of Surprise or Incredulity

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