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Spring and Hope – on an abducted revolution

15 July 2012

SPRING and HOPE = BAHAR and OMID is political theatre. Although the introduction shows fragments of video footage of demontrations around the world in 2011, the focus is set on Iran. Whatever happened to the people who took to the streets during the Green Revolution of 2009?

The director’s approach is very personal, describing a brother and sister’s relationship with each other and to the political realities around them.  Details of the characters’ thoughts alternate with the harsh realities of prison and the family members’ attempts to protect each other, even when that implies hiding the truth about the extent of their misery as they traverse hard times.

Several parts of the play show Brechtian influences, from the bright lighting and the actors’ reading  their lines from small notebooks to speaking the stage directions out loud in Portuguese („Antonio, pode desligar o luz, por favor?”), many moments highlight the play as representation of reality, encouraging the viewers’ critical perspective and awareness of social injustice.

In the end, one cannot help but be moved, contemplating what reality must be like in a place where freedom of speech is so restricted that it boils over, and is restrained again by a repressive government which pretends nothing ever happened.

You can see SPRING and HOPE = BAHAR and OMID again this afternoon at 17h00 in Teatro Carlos Alberto. It's worth it.

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