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Schrödinger's cat, a performance against the gallery window and much more

18 November 2011

Until Sunday the Design- and Architecture Gallery in Tallinn is displaying some of the NEU NOW Festival LIVE projects. 

The first thing you notice when stepping into the gallery is a set of pillows. But not just ordinary pillows, super-duper high-tech space-age material state-of-the art totally ergonomically designed pillows, which are approved by all kinds of medical specialists. And they're also black and yellow, which just looks really cool. This is Zuzana Šišovská's Collection of relaxation interior accessories. 

Next up is Lauri Hirvesaar's Electric Cargoscooter. If anyone ever asks why in the world they are spending taxpayers' money on art academies, you can show them this. In a world where innovation is becoming necessary for survival, yet educational systems do little to produce original thinking, we desperately need people who can come up with creative solutions for our daily problems. This is one of them.

A quick turn around the corner and voilá: The Opera "Varieties of Religious Experience"- a Performance on Pages by Agnes Steiner. I can openly admit I am completely biased regarding this one, because I have a soft spot for well-designed books. But this one also comes packed with a musical performance. I mean, why not fit an entire opera (the music, the feelings and all) into a book?

And now we come to Filippa Hanzon's You Gonna Find What You Search. An interesting experimental twist on Schrödinger's Cat. Is there anyone playing music in the box or not? I hear music, but it could also be a recording. But as long as I hear it and cannot tell the difference, does it matter? It is as if there were someone and no one in the box at the same time. To experience a dilemma of this sort in real life is most intriguing, much more so than I would have expected.

And last but not least, the live performance of Sarah Armstrong and Richard Moizer: Integrated. I could just say that it is a dance of two people squashing themselves against a window, but it is much more than that (although the squashing is really cool). Integrated is a performance that is difficult to pinpoint and raises many interesting questions about dualities, relationships, and change. To experience its strong effect, you ought to come and see for yourselves!

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