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Pass through the Window. Pass through the Wall

19 November 2011

Few words can describe the feelings the audience experienced while watching Sarah Armstrong and Richard Moizier's performance, Integrated, in the Design- and Architecture Gallery. Their intensity was striking, while their bodies struggled, trying to pass through a black wall and then through the transparent but rough surface of the glass. 

The performance took place partly inside the gallery, and partly along its window pane. The reactions varied from by-passers indifferently strolling by, to people stopping and being absorbed by the performance, to children giggling  while running to and fro on the pavement.

It's also worth mentioning the dancers' costumes, two black shirts, one's continuous long sleeves extending into the sleeves of the other. While their  movements coordinate, the way in which the bodies and especially their faces strike the window expresses the incredible difficulty they have to go through, together and, at the same time, alone. 

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