Film at the Cinema Katorza 29 October 2010

Live blogging from the NEU NOW Festival, Nantes // Last night, the seven films in the festival selection premiered at the Cinema Katorza, with a bilingual artists' talk afterwards. Read more »

The sound of magnetic skin 28 October 2010

Remember cassette tapes? Martin Rille's Coded Sensation takes them a big step further by transforming them into magnetic skin. Read more »

METANOIA 28 October 2010

Cecilia Bullo's work, exhibited in l'Atelier, is based on the themes of ritual, tradition and inadequacy within society.  Read more »

The state of the arts 28 October 2010

Opening of the 11th ELIA Biennial Conference // Interesting things happened in 1990. Mandela was freed. Thatcher resigned. Germany was reunified. And ELIA was born. Read more »

Bernard Stiegler and the 'de-proletarianisation' of knowledge 28 October 2010

Live blogging from the 11th ELIA Biennial, Nantes // Thought-provoking keynote by Bernard Stiegler calls for overcoming segregation, combating consumerism, and revisiting the avantgarde. Read more »

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