Nina Pettinato's Silent Forests 21 November 2009

Nina Pettinato has an astonishingly broad range of talents, creating painted works, drawings, and photographs. Nina exhibits this week as part of NEU NOW online festival and tells Millie Ross about her ethereal photographic series Inkubation, shot in a rural area of Southern Germany. Read more »

Do it yourself 21 November 2009

Read more »

Maayke Schurer's abstract climates 21 November 2009

Kinetic landscapes of beautifully phased movements of weather: Maayke Shurer's video work manipulates layers of aquaria, in which wool and fabric float and spiral, merged together by the camera into a 2D composition. The realism of the work is impressive; as Maayke describes, a background in biology has endowed her with a powerful environmental edge. Read more »

Marloeke van der Vlugt: Patchmaker 21 November 2009

Marloeke van der Vlugt is a Theatre Science graduate who works with technology and virtual worlds.  The ‘Patchworker’ series sees interactive switches and faders placed on her own body, triggering bursts of video feed and arcades of sound, as archived ‘bodily memories’ are shown to the visitor. We asked Marloeke a few questions ahead of her upcoming expression of the inner worlds of our own bodies at the NEU NOW Festival. Read more »

Karen Skog's Handmade Orchestra 21 November 2009

Karen Skog creates layered soundscapes from hand-made and found instruments - a cello, an organ, a violin and a theremin. Holding an MA in Fine Art from Bergen National Academy of the Arts, Karen will bring her musical artifacts (along with her own ‘orchestra’) to play improvised concerts at the NEU NOW festival. Read more »

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