Paradox in Granada 02 July 2010

Loosing your luggage is never a good way to start a meeting overseas but such is life. After 13 hours traveling, including a delayed flight from Heathrow, I was checking into the hotel without my bag, which was probably languishing somewhere in Madrid. What was surprising was the \'mater-of-fact\'ness with which the Iberian staff in Granada treated the 6 travelers from the same flight in the same situation, as if it was only to be expected! Later that evening, during a stroll into town, I bumped into Kevin Atherton (Dublin) and Christine Pybus (Cork) - what are the chances of that in the crowed streets of a major city... Read more »

Languages through Lenses 2009 online! 08 January 2010

LTL 2009 Now Online! Read more »

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