Eaten by Men 30 October 2010

Live blogging from the NEU NOW Festival, Nantes // 'Eaten by Men' creates a sadistic circus of eggs, wheat, gymnastic exercises and group pressure in the Salle Vasse. Read more »

They are pretty 30 October 2010

Les Filles Follen start by taking us along into their dressing room. Their piece continues with an intermission, during which they walk among the audience dressed as cigarette girls. 'Give us cigarettes', 'We are pretty', it says on the box holders - pay us and we will entertain you. Read more »

The performances have started, and they are breathtaking 29 October 2010

The Theatre/Dance performances started with a full house in the Lieu Unique yesterday evening. The three pieces were stunning in their boldness and intensity. Read more »

Film at the Cinema Katorza 29 October 2010

Live blogging from the NEU NOW Festival, Nantes // Last night, the seven films in the festival selection premiered at the Cinema Katorza, with a bilingual artists' talk afterwards. Read more »

The sound of magnetic skin 28 October 2010

Remember cassette tapes? Martin Rille's Coded Sensation takes them a big step further by transforming them into magnetic skin. Read more »

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