NEU NOW LIVE Retrospective: Part 2 - Koji Wakayama, Experience Designer 19 July 2013

'Do you have a pet?
Are you comfortable in the presence of robots?
Would you like to have a robot as a pet?
Would you like to have a robot as a servant?
Would you like to have a robot as a slave?'

These are just a few of the questions Koji Wakayama, Swedish Experience Designer and participant of the first edition of the NEU NOW LIVE Festival, investigates through his work with applied robotics and new technologies. 

Wakayama's presentation in Design at the NEU NOW LIVE Festival in Vilnius, ‘Robot Garden: Can Machines Have Experiences?’, primed the audience to consider these matters. 

Wakayama recently landed the position of Frontend Developer for the Nordic region's leading digitial agency, Creuna, and in the past has created electronic promotion campaigns for household names like IKEA, Volkswagon, and Grolsch as well as having taught Experience Design to Master Students at Konstfack University.

The NEU NOW team dispatched Jessica Maxwell, resident festival tech nerd, to catch up with Koji and see where life has taken him - and his creations - over the years.

This interview was conducted via skype on June 20, 2013.  Read more »

NEU NOW LIVE Retrospective Launches: Part 1 - Susanne Irene Fjørtoft, Theatre Maker 17 July 2013

'Talk with people and be curious. I think that's a good approach to most things. Be curious, and investigate, and engage.'

This is the answer Susanne Irene Fjørtoft, Norwegian theater maker and participant of the first edition of the NEU NOW LIVE Festival, offered when asked what advice she would give to the young artists in this year's Festival, now on its fifth edition.

Not one to shy away from her own advice, Susanne is currently engaging with the world in a number of different ways; from her her freelance work as a sceneographer, to her theatre making with the performance ensemble LIVESTOCK, and her collaboration with the Happy Gorilla Dance Company, her artistic endeavours have led her to unexpected encounters - including finding herself in Istanbul in the midst of June's protests.  

A self described '100% Happy Gorilla', all of her undertakings are marked by a thoughtful playfullness that emanates from her sense of curiosity as well a keen sense of awareness, reflection, and social responsibility.

The NEU NOW team dispatched resident festival busybody Jessica Maxwell to catch up with Susanne and see where life has taken her - and her art - over the years.

Returning to the craft of the long form interview, what follows is a condensed form of the longer original version. In regards to today's bitesize media consumption it includes section headings to expedite reading.

This interview was conducted via skype on June 19, 2013.  Read more »

NEU NOW at Prix Europa: Interview with Festival Director Susanne Hoffmann 02 July 2013

The European League of Institutes of the Arts is very proud to announce that the films featured in the NEU NOW LIVE Festival 2013 will be presented at this year's edition of Prix Europa in Berlin from 19-26 October. Read more »

Update on New EU Programmes 04 July 2013

The three EU Institutions, the European Parliament, the European Union, and the European Council of Ministers, agreed on the future budget of the Union 2014-2020 on 26 June. Read more »

NEU NOW LIVE: Wrapping Up and Reminiscing 26 June 2013

Still ONLINE wherever you are, whenever you want, on
In our memories NEU NOW LIVE Festival 22-26 June, 2013 in Amsterdam.


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