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Open Call: PARSE Biennial Conference - "Human"

04 March 2019

Gothenburg University, Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts has an open call for contributions for their 3rd Biennial PARSE (Platform for Artistic Research Sweden) Research Conference with the title "Human."

The goal of the conference, to be held from 13-15 November 2019 at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, is to prompt an interdisciplinary and international debate on key issues of the contemporary global condition, politically, culturally and theoretically.

Contributions are welcome in the form of panels, papers, performances, screenings, collaborations and workshops that engage with the following:
  • The inhuman, the subhuman, the body and inscriptions of the human (the contested universality of the human across the divisions of class, race, gender, trans, queer, ableism, neurodiversity)
  • The imperiled non-human (the Anthropocene, nature, ecological catastrophe) and the technological non-human and objecthood (tools, machine, nature, world of objects, OOO, robotics, algorithms etc)
  • The posthuman, pedagogy and the institution (anti-humanism, anti-anthropocentrism, critique of the humanities, the human produced by the university, knowledge and distinction, disciplines of the human)
  • Human mobility and nationhood (transnationalism, cosmopolitanism, migration, human rights, personhood)
  • Biopolitics, necropolitics and the governance of the category of the human
  • Decoloniality, post- and neo-colonialism (slavery, indigeneity, empire, desegregation, white Suprematism, white privilege)

Deadline for abstracts: 31 March 2019.
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