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NXT Residency 2017: Make Yourself an Expert Hub starts 1 April

30 March 2017

The NXT Residency 2017 is starting on 1 April, hosted by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, in cooperation with Make Yourself an Expert Hub 2017 and the Centre for Knowledge Transfer East (WTZ OST).

MAKE YOURSELF AN EXPERT HUB is a programme of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the Centre For Knowledge Transfer, a trans-disciplinary and inter-university project that aims to strengthen the entrepreneurial skills of artists.

Five international and five Austrian artists were selected for the 3-month long residency in Vienna. During the residency, the selected artists will have the unique chance to kick-start their international careers and use the skills they acquired to establish successful careers in the art world.

Here are the artists in alphabetical order:
Josef Bares – Academy of Fine Arts Prague
Aloïs Bordenave – Royal College of Art London
Samantha Harvey – Central Saint Martins
Ana Garcia-Pineda – Felicidad Duce Institute of Design
Ivana Tkalčić – Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb

The 5 Austrian artists joining the group above are:
Iris Dittler - Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Veronika Burger - Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Katrin Bruder - Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Lena Gold - Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Siegfried Skalar - Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Below a trailer of the Make Yourself and Expert Hub training programme (partially in German).


MYAE_Akbild_teaser from Akbild on Vimeo.

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