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NEU NOW LIVE: Wrapping Up and Reminiscing

26 June 2013

Still ONLINE wherever you are, whenever you want, on www.neunow.com
In our memories NEU NOW LIVE Festival 22-26 June, 2013 in Amsterdam.


After five stunning days of art, dialogue, collaboration, and exploration NEU NOW LIVE 2013 has come to the close. All the documentation from this astounding experience is now online to share with the world. Head over to www.neunow.com/blog to... 


  • View photo journals by the artists in Amsterda and experience the Festival from an inside perspective

  • See the festival through the lens of photographer Darek Fortas, NEU NOW 2012 participant and NEU NOW 2013 guest photographer

  • Read blog updates

  • Watch interviews with the Amsterdam audience as well as PRIX EUROPA Director Susanne Hoffmann  

  • Watch a video recap of when NEU NOW LIVE met the ELIA Teachers' Academy 


NEU NOW LIVE - A Retrospective: 5 Festivals, 5 Artists, 5 Disciplines
The NEU NOW Festival celebrated its fifth edition this year. To commemorate this coming of age the NEU NOW team caught up with festival alumni to create a retrospective featuring interviews with five artists from the very first edition, held in Vilnius in 2009. 

We interviewed five international artists, one from each discipline featured in the LIVE Festival -Visual Arts, Design, Theatre, Music, and Film - to see where they are now, how their art has developed in the interim, what impact the festival has had on their work, how the crisis has affected their practice as well as the cultural climate in their country, and much more.

For the next five weeks we will release an interview with a different artist every Wednesday, starting the Wednesday of July 17th, on the NEU NOW Website at www.neunow.com/retro

To offer a glimpse of what's to come we are delighted to announce that the following artists will be featured:
  • Susanne Irene Fjørtoft (Theatre, Norway)

  • Koji Wakayama (Design, Sweden)

  • Mindaugas Bačkus (Music, Lithuania)

  • Bogdan Girbovan (Visual Arts, Romania)

  • Robbe Vervaeke (Film, Belgium)

Visit www.neunow.com/retro very Wednesday from 17 July to 14 August, and join us in marking the five festival milestone!


The NEU NOW Festival provides an innovative platform for the most exciting and creative NEU artistic talent NOW emerging from higher arts education institutions and universities across Europe - and beyond - to present themselves to wider audiences in the NEU NOW Online Festival and the NEU NOW LIVE Festival. 

The NEU NOW Festival is:

  • An online and a live event that promotes artistic excellence through cutting edge presentations and activities;
  • An opportunity for selected emerging artists to show their work, meet each other, and create new international partnerships;
  • A space where informed audiences, producers, and curators can see the most excellent artists and innovative projects coming from art schools and universities across Europe and beyond;
  • A forum where artists, producers, curators, cultural operators, and policy makers can discuss future developments in the arts and share views on the cultural role of higher arts education institutions;
  • A means of presenting a new international generation of upcoming artists to the attention of a wide audience.

The European League of Institutes of the Arts received hundreds of nominations from art institutions across Europe from which an international jury selected 70 projects from 20 countries to be part of the NEU NOW Online Festival. In a second jury selection, 29 projects from across 14 countries were selected from the 70 to be part of the NEU NOW LIVE Festival.

The fifth edition of the NEU NOW Online Festival and the NEU NOW LIVE Festival included projects arranged across the following five art disciplines:

  • Visual Arts
  • Design
  • Theatre/Dance
  • Music/Sound
  • Film

In whichever field you find your passion for art, NEU NOW has something fresh and innovative...


Happier Together: NEU NOW LIVE and ELIA's Teachers' Academy

This year's edition of NEU NOW LIVE was held in conjunction with ELIA's  Teachers' Academy. For more information on this international platform for the professional development of lecturers in higher arts education visit www.eliateachersacademy.org


For any additional questions or enquiries please contact Project Manager Ute Kohlmann: ute.kohlmann@elia-artschools.org

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