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20 November 2009

Millie Ross catches five minutes with the artistic co-directors of the festival Anthony Dean and Paula Crabtree to find out what they thought of their pilot's lift off, and thoughts on future NEU NOWs.

Anthony and Paula agree that the first in the series of NEU NOW festivals kicked off with "huge advantages, because we're in a completey new building. This will never happen again in another city"

"There are very few cities where you could come up with this space and the Printing House directly behind it," Paula agrees. "The cinema for instance, they were very cooperative, they were like 'snap" sure you can screen here."

"There's been so much enthusiasm here in Vilnius, i other cities you couldn't find it, they'd be like "oh yeah another festival."

However the festival is also not always going to be placed in the chosen city for the European Capital of Culture, "We cannot rely on that, it needs to adapt itself to the circumstances."

The virtual festival has quite a lot of work on it, but we were limited to 30 works in the live exhibition, this was self-imposed, we thought it would become logistically difficult to manage."

"It also depends on partners and funding, people express interest and then we need inputfrom the city. The interesting thing of a pilot is that we now feel we have a product, they can go online and see the documentary evidence of the festival. All we know is that, as they sing in the film The Titanic, "Our festival will go on!"


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