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Live blogging from the NEU NOW festival (4)

20 November 2009

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Something about the opening, after all

So Europe's got a new a president, and the Lithuanian president couldn't be at the opening because she had to attend a certain long dinner in Stockholm - a dinner that started days before. Here, the festival goes on as before; I haven't heard any cars hooting as when Obama won.

There hasn't been anything so far on this blog about the opening. And rightly so, because openings are speeches and wine. The wine ran out early, and there were no fireworks, even though the NEU NOW logo seems to call for some. Still, it was a success: the place was crowded. All the festival bags were gone and only half or one-third of the people were having a festival bag - so if that impression is correct there were at least 500 people there. And rightly so, for we were not just opening the Festival: the whole place is brand new.

What we were witnessing was the launch of the "Titanic", as the Design Innovations Centre of Vilnius Academy of Arts is called. I've been told that it got its name by accident, though I couldn't quite figure out what kind of accident. The casco of the building was there before, but everything else has been refurbished. The organizing team, too, has been working like crazy: "Two days ago there was nothing", Adina tells me. "You see the walls between the rooms, where the pictures are hung? Two days ago there were no walls. These projections on the ceiling- that was Solus' idea, and he fixed it the other night." It doesn't show.

Projections on the ceiling


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