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Function enters Form – Design at its best

19 November 2011

In one of the corners of the Kullo Gallery maze, you can find Zorko Huljic's work, Function Enters Form. It is a design project that literally comes with an instruction manual. In this case the manual is a vital part of the artwork that accompanies it, as it places the focus on well known, every-day objects that derive new meanings by being presented in a new light. 

Innovation is a common topic in the art scene at NEU NOW. Reinvention and creation of value through transforming that which is known is key. But what is innovation when your artwork consists of  every-day objects such as an axe or a bottle? It is in the reinvention of the function by which the everyday objects of Function Enters Form acquire an added value. Zorko explores the associations we have with specific objects and challenges the public to reconsider them. It results  not only in a funny and witty assemblage of objects, but also in a visually striking collection.

Zorko discovered how a sink plug can be used as a candle holder,  a tie reinterpreted as a shoehorn, pipe taps are as beautiful as red flowers and a bottle can be turned into a rolling pin for easy baking. However, several of the objects are also permeated by a healthy dosis of black humor, like the shovel that easily becomes a cross for a grave that has just been dug. And these great objects are actually  made to be used,  Zorko himself says that they are part of his personal household appliances.  

Peter Meelker

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