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Ensure HAE is on the Radar for the EU Elections

28 March 2019

As our European members will know, the European Parliament elections will be held from 23-26 May, 2019. Making sure that the arts and (higher) arts education are on the candidates’ radar, is a responsibility for the entire sector.
In a joint action with our colleagues of the AEC and in consultation with Culture Action Europe (CAE), ELIA has prepared a number of activities to ensure the visibility of our sector. In the coming weeks we will be updating the members regularly on what is going on and where your input is needed.
To involve you right away, we have prepared a set of electoral test questions that are to be submitted to political parties or individual candidates for comment and response in the run-up of the election. In fact, CAE has already launched a similar set of these questions that address overarching issues of cultural policy before the actual election campaign. See them here.
ELIA and the AEC’s electoral test questions focus specifically on higher arts education. Members of ELIA and the AEC already can use these questions for their meetings and interventions with local candidates for European Parliament.

AEC / ELIA electoral test questions about higher arts education

  1. Recent statements emerging from the European decision-making bodies are regularly pointing out that culture is key to build a European identity and "the glue that holds Europe together". Do you agree with this statement? If so, what specific measures are you planning to strengthen the cohesion of European societies through art and culture?
  2. Art education within school curricula is of prime importance to support the intellectual and creative development of our children. What specific measures do you intend to make educational offers in the field of the arts and culture accessible to every single adolescent citizen of the European Union?
  3. What is, in your opinion, the responsibility of politics for ensuring adequate infrastructure and funding to enable the performance, preservation and promotion of arts and art education at all levels? What contribution do you expect from higher art education institutions?
  4. Innovation and critical thinking are based on creativity, artistic work and research. What measures are you planning to enable institutions of higher art education to strengthen research-based teaching, artistic research and the development of new blended competences?
ELIA members, we need your help: please use the questions in your local conversations with EU Parliamentary candidates. Afterward, please let us know if and when you have spoken to politicians and what their responses were. You may sumbit responses at the following link.

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