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e-flux on Bologna

18 March 2010

The March issue of e-flux is devoted to the Bologna Process in the arts. It's not that often that art journal devote a full volume to higher arts education. Click on the image to read it.

But what I like particularly is Dieter Lessage's premonition of the future in an earlier article, published in e-flux 3:
Today, the academy is asking not to be considered as the only legitimate place of art education, but as a credible partner within this endeavor. The time of academy-bashing is over. Indeed, the academy is back, almost. It's absolutely fine to situate yourself outside the academy. But one shouldn't hesitate to play a role within an academy, as many former outsiders today do quite successfully. It is my bet that the art academy is going to be the defining innovative institution within the art field in the next twenty years, much more so than museums, galleries, biennials, whatever. There might even come a time when museums of contemporary arts will be run as the exhibition facilities of nearby academies, just as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich today runs Monte Verit

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