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CulturalBase Conference in Barcelona

17 February 2016

Stakeholders' conference will take place in Barcelona on the 12 and 13 May, 2016. All ELIA member can apply to attend.

As stakeholder in this project, ELIA is actively participating in the activities and discussions of CulturalBase. Carla Delfos and Lars Ebert are both members of the stakeholders’ panel. Lars Ebert is also active in one of the working groups. Therefore, ELIA invites members to apply and attend the Barcelona conference and get involved in the discussion. Information on how to apply for the conference will be published shortly on the CulturalBase website

What is CulturalBase?
CulturalBase is an interactive social platform that brings together academic, practitioner and policy stakeholders to discuss issues related to cultural identity, heritage and expression. 

The discourse on culture in Europe has gone through major changes over the past few years. Cultural heritage and identity within Europe is impacted by globalization and cultural digitization. Cultural identities intertwine as distances between them become smaller and at the same time they intensify in an attempt to protect cultural heritage and delineate boundaries. 
Through research, meetings and an online platform, CulturalBase aims to identify and analyse some of the main debates and controversies around culture, in particular in relation to Heritage and European Identities. The issues are addressed from a double stand point: an analytical as well as a public policy perspective. Stakeholders meet and discuss policy issues and set up new frameworks within the discourse on cultural heritage and identity.

The European Commission uses the research and output of the meetings as a main consultation source in their European policy developments, which makes this a high-impact project.
How does it work?
To achieve the objectives of the project, the various stakeholders research, meet and discuss the relevant issues. They also engage with the community online through the interactive platform.
A summary of the first meeting, a workshop in Barcelona that took place in October 2015, was published here.
For more information visit the project website at  www.culturalbase.eu.

You can also visit their Facebook Page at facebook.com/CulturalBase or follow them on Twitter @CulturalBase.


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