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Congratulations to the University of the Arts Helsinki

21 September 2015

ARTS EQUAL is a six-year research project for which we now received funding for the first 3 years. The project includes 3 Universities (University of the Arts Helsinki, University of Turku, Lappeenranta University of Technology) and 2 research institutes (Foundation for Cultural Policy Research Cupore, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health).

ARTISEQUAL stands for The Arts as Public Service: Strategic Steps towards Equality

By recognizing the arts as a ‘game changer’, the multidisciplinary ARTSEQUAL research team will explore and illuminate the full capacity of the arts to generate cutting-edge social and service innovations for Finnish society. In a socially and economically sustainable way, such innovations will enhance equality, inclusion, active community engagement and well-being.

Six research groups in the ARTSEQUAL research project reinterpret the traditional position of the arts in Finland by regarding them as a basic service that is available equally for all and that contributes to well-being across a wide range of life domains.
The project produces new knowledge on how already existing arts services should be developed for them to enhance creativity and communal engagement in citizens from the perspectives of equality and well-being. It also analyses how participatory artistic and arts educational interventions in schools, basic arts education, services for the elderly, multicultural youth work and prisons impact on well-being.
Systems thinking is applied to comprehend social impacts of the arts. The project proposes policy recommendations to support political decision-making and consolidate new arts services.
The project is carried out in close collaboration with ministries, regional state administration, municipalities, and NGOs.
More Information on the Academy of Finland Website

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