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ELIA congratulates NEU NOW 2010 participant Nina Gantz on her BAFTA win

16 February 2016

Nina Gantz won a BAFTA for her animated short ‘Edmond’ last Sunday in London. We would like to congratulate her and producer, Emilie Jouffroy, for their outstanding accomplishment. 

Six years ago, in 2010, Nina submitted her graduation short film ‘Zaliger’ to the NEU NOW 2010 festival held in Nantes. She was selected to showcase her work in the Film/Animation section of the festival. ‘Zaliger’ tells the story of an elderly couple and their co-dependent relationship. Their lives intertwined, it’s no longer possible for them to live without each other. When the wife passes away, the man is stricken with grief and loneliness. The film is about loss, being forced to live without your soulmate and learning how to survive on your own. In her artistic statement she writes that ‘in your everyday life you can find the most extraordinary and beautiful things that you don’t usually notice’.

In 2015, Nina’s new short film, ‘Edmond’ travelled from festival to festival and was nominated for several awards around the world. She won two prestigious Annecy 2015 awards, Best Animated Short at the Guanajato International Film Festival and Best Student Film at the Zlin Film Festival. At the British Independent Film Awards, she won in the category Best British Short and to top it all off, this Sunday she won a BAFTA for Best Animated Short. 

'Edmond' is a black comedy about a man with cannibalistic tendencies who travels back through his life to look for the root of his unhappiness. The characters in the film are woolen puppets handmade by Nina and her friends. In an interview on RTL Late Night, a Dutch TV programme (watch it here), she explains that she liked the idea of the softness of the material and the way it contrasted with the sometimes upsetting and raw content material.

Stop-motion animation is an extremely laborious production process where 3 minutes of film can take up to a week to shoot. With a tight filming schedule there is no room for error. Nina says that the process of directing a stop-motion film is different from regular animation or live-action since the director has to make all the creative decisions before filming begins. Every frame is pre-determined so all the energy goes into getting all the tiny movements frame by frame, right.

ELIA is proud to have had the chance to showcase her early work at the NEU NOW festival in 2010. We also wish her good luck in all her future cinematic endeavors. 

If you are interested in Nina's work, visit her website  at www.ninagantz.com

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