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Claiming Creativity Symposium in Chicago - still on!

19 April 2010

Well you can't have missed it. The Icelandic Volcano Eyjafjallajökull has erupted, spawning a cloud of ash over Europe that has all but stopped airplane traffic for the last four days. With over 80 European delegates stuck at the wrong side of the ocean, Eyjafjallajökull has made a serious attempt to sabotage the Claiming Creativity symposium that ELIA and Columbia College Chicago are organizing, and that will be starting Wednesday all the same.

The below message has been sent out to all participants:
Dear delegates of the Claiming Creativity Symposium:

So we didn't plan for a volcanic eruption, but that's ok, we'll work around it.

We understand that many of you will have travel difficulties, delays and cancellations, and that there is the eventuality that you may not be able to attend. That, we regret, as we were very much looking forward to having you here in person, and getting to know you all individually. However, we are happy to say that we are going ahead with the symposium and will stream the presentations and events so those people who will not be able to be here can at least watch (and participate by calling into) the presentations by broadcast. We will have more detailed information for you very soon. We are also looking to the web forum for further discussion post onsite presentations as was our original intention, and we'll provide you with more information about that as well.

Nonetheless, we encourage as many of you who can travel to move forward with your plans to join us, and would be very grateful if you would update us on your circumstances (whether we can expect you to be here in person, or if we need to advise you of virtual attendence details.) To do so, please email Marty at mkane [at] colum.edu. The broadcasting of presentations will be available either way but of course we'd prefer your company onsite to actively participate and exhange thoughts and ideas.

Meantime, we sincerely hope you can join us, virtually or in person, and wish those of you travelling long-distance, a safe and untroubled trip.

We will keep you updated on all news and plans for the coming week.
With kind regards,

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