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ELIA Members Call to Action to Support Refugee Artists, Students, Teachers & Researchers from the ELIA Board

24 December 2015

The Board of ELIA is calling upon ELIA members to take action and make support to exiled artists, students, teachers and researchers visible.

Dear ELIA members,

In the light of the current wave of refugees fleeing war, terror and insecurity, ELIA would like to make a (modest) contribution towards the capacity of Europe to act in solidarity and promote a culturally inclusive vision on our joint future. 

The Board of ELIA therefore calls upon ELIA members to take action and, wherever possible, make support to exiled artists, students, teachers and researchers visible. We are aware of the fact that many ELIA members already work extensively with refugees, through examples of good practice we would like to encourage all members to find new ways to support talented refugees. We can imagine opening up your buildings, lectures and educational offers, offering material and space or an invitation to meet other artists and teachers. Through the ELIA website we will share best practice concerning integration of art students, teachers, researchers and practitioners in existing educational, research or other professional activities at their institutions. 

Oussama Rifahi, Executive Director of the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture and keynote speaker at ELIA’s Leadership Symposium in Cape Town, December 2015 ‘Dominance//Diversity//Disruption’ offered ELIA to have AFAC and a number of peer institutions in the Arab region act as intermediaries for those institutions and individuals that wish to help. It would be wonderful, if these talents could make use of your facilities, attend lectures or just get in contact with your staff and students. The ELIA office is happy to liaise between you and AFAC.

Proposals for action may also serve as the basis for a joint project application in the Erasmus+ programme (KA2 strategic partnerships) of the European commission. The current call includes the following encouraging (horizontal) priority: “Inclusive education, training and youth: in line with the Paris Declaration, priority will be given to actions addressing diversity in (formal and non-formal) education and training, developing social, civic, intercultural competences and media literacy, combating discrimination and segregation, tackling bullying, reducing disparities in learning outcomes affecting learners with disadvantaged backgrounds in particular through innovative integrated approaches. This should also involve enhancing the access, participation and performance of disadvantaged learners and facilitating their transitions: between different levels and types of education and training; from education/training to the world of work; and/or from one employment to another. Given the critical context, particular attention will also be given to support projects involving refugees, asylum seekers and migrants and/or focussing on the topic of the refugees' crisis in Europe.”

Find all programme priorities here http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/documents/erasmus-plus-programme-guide_en.pdf as of p.107.

The current and pressing situation in Europe calls us to action. Personalities like Oussama Rifahi inspire us to think broadly and collaborate locally. Funding opportunities like the Erasmus+ programme encourage us to develop and realise ideas. 

We will be happy to support you, and engage in a project proposal or a possible funding bid. 

Please do get in touch with us if you wish to liaise with Mr. Rifahi, with examples of good practice we can publish on the website and with ideas for projects. For examples of good practice, please mail:
  • Name school, city, country
  • Email address contact person
  • Max 500 words description‎ activity
  • jpg picture(possibility)
to petra.albu@elia-artschools.org

We wish you an inspiring and relaxing holiday period and a peaceful start of 2016.

On behalf of the ELIA Representative Board:

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