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Call for Participants: Join the EU2016 Creative Campus in Amsterdam

01 June 2015

ELIA is partner in an exciting project in the framework of the Dutch Presidency of the European Union (EU) that will start in Janaury 2016 for six months and invites students of ELIA member institutions to join us in Amsterdam!

What & When
During the Dutch Presidency of the European Union in the first half of 2016, a pop-up creative campus will arise on Kop Java-Island in the river IJ in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from April to the end of June 2016. On this temporary campus Dutch students and European alumni will jointly explore the Future of Europe in 2040. We invite your students to join us in this exciting investigation of our collective future!

For 10 weeks young, ambitious and creative individuals will work together to investiage and explore the future of Europe. In 25 years time, many of them will be the new leaders of Europe. 

In the 10 weeks that the pop-up campus will be operational, we will go off grid. We will say farewell to the current systems of the city, as they are no longer the solution, but often part of the problem. We will disconnect and start looking for new connections in our own way: off-grid, sustainable and circular. 

The creative campus is open to:
  • Dutch students
  • European alumni
  • Young professionals and pupils of Amsterdam technical schools

They will all come together from April 2016 until the end of June 2016 on Kop Java-Island in Amsterdam.

Participants will include students from art schools, colleges and universities in the various Dutch cities and capitals of the European Union. The Dutch participants will be third year Bachelor and Master students; the international participants will have just finished their education and will be seeking further deepening of their education.

The young professionals are working in the Amsterdam area and will be present in the evening programs. The pupils of the technical schools will construct the creative campus site and take care of maintenance. 

Interested? How to Join Us!
ELIA invites all ELIA member institutions to select students presently in the final phase of their studies to join this creative team at the beginning of next year.

For more information and to apply please visit the official website: http://eu2016futureeurope.nl/ 

Contact Barbara Revelli at ELIA barbara.revelli@elia-artschools.org or Pakhuis De Zwijger at info@eu2016futureeurope.nl

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