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ArtFutures - Current issues in higher arts education

17 March 2011

The new ELIA publication brings together contributions by arts educators and thinkers from eight countries and a variety of disciplines. Together, these papers provide an insight into current debates in higher arts education and the role of ELIA within this field.

ArtFutures covers a wide range of topics from post-consumerist art and activist design, via the public role of education and the creative economy, to documentary theatre and improvisation with live electronics.The contributions show higher arts education as a field in transformation, illustrate the many ways in which society and art schools interact, and show how art schools are engaged in preparing the ground for new artists and helping them face the challenges of contemporary life.
ArtFutures will be distributed to all ELIA members in April. You can already read it here. (Pdf 3MB)
If you would like to obtain a printed copy, please contact floris.solleveld [at] elia-artschools.org

There are also pictures of the design process at our designer's blog.


Carla Delfos
Kieran Corcoran

Time and De-proletarianisation
Art and teaching art in post-consumerist culture
Bernard Stiegler

Fundamental Questions of Vision:
Higher Arts Public Education, Research and Citizenship

Mick Wilson

Riding the Tiger:
Leading institutions for higher education and the arts at the beginning of the twenty-first century

Janet Ritterman

The Contentious Cooperation of Artistic Research
Corina Caduff

Anthony Dean

Designing a Prime
Johan Verbeke
Adam Jakimowicz

A ‘Polyagogic’ Approach to the Use of the Computer in Music Pedagogy
Gérard Pape

Time and Reciprocity in Improvisation:
On the aspect of in-time systems in improvisation with and on machines

Henrik Frisk

Becoming Friends with the ABC
Reflections on writing across the design curriculum

Franziska Nyffenegger

Reconnecting art and design education through the social act of making

Kevin Henry

The Document as Performance / The Performance as a Document
notes on a research project

Klaas Tindemans

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