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2019 Graduation Shows at LUCA School of Arts

03 June 2019

LUCA School of Arts is proud to present its graduating bachelors and masters. In Brussels, Genk, Ghent and Leuven an unsuspecting public will be confronted with the artistic ideas of a new generation of artists and designers, musicians and actors, film directors and photographers.
The Graduation Festival is on from May till June and includes a drama festival, a wide range of musical performances, filmscreenings and several art and design exhibitions.

Check our graduation website for an overview of our activities and an opportunity to browse through the works of our graduating students.

Concerts: till June 4, Lemmens campus Leuven

Drama: May 29 till June 9, OPEK, Leuven

Exhibition Professional Bachelors Photography
June 15–16 and 20–23, Tour&Taxis, Brussels

Graduation Show Film-TV-Video Campus Narafi
June 28, KBC, Brussels

EXIT, Graduation Show C-mine
June 22–23, Genk

Graduation Show Brussels
June 27–29, Campus Sint-Lukas Brussels

Graduation Show Ghent
June 29–30, Campus Sint-Lucas Ghent

LUCA School of Arts is the only college in Flanders exclusively dedicated to art and architecture, making it unique in the region. The art college combines the strengths and expertise of five renowned Flemish higher education institutions for art and architecture spread across Brussels, Genk, Ghent and Leuven.


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