Strategic Focus

ELIA’s Strategic Focus 2016 – 2020 is based on four guiding pillars, which were approved by the General Assembly in November 2016.

It aims to promote, enable and facilitate:

  • Knowledge exchange and academic discourse
  • Networking, collaboration and interaction
  • Advocacy and representation
  • Academic leadership and professionalism
ELIA’s strategic focus covers five key topics:
  • Sustainable careers and entrepreneurship
  • Inclusion, participation and social engagement
  • Research and practice
  • Pedagogy – curriculum development, learning and teaching
  • Art education in schools and adult learning contexts
Additional important topics include:
  • Interdisciplinarity and collaboration
  • New technologies
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Ranking and league tables

Below the four guiding pillars are explained: 

Knowledge exchange and academic discourse

ELIA aims to stimulate reflection and critical thinking. All it's activities and services designed to serve members by offering them a virtual and physical platform for sharing expertise and knowledge. ELIA cares about innovation in the field and moving the discussion forward regarding topics relevant to higher arts education institutions. 

Networking, collaboration and interaction 

Many ELIA members find access to a well-established network of peers one of the most valuable benefits. Opportunities to network, to identify partners for cooperation, and to share experiences are an essential part of being an ELIA member. Through conferences and smaller gatherings, as well as participation in ELIA's governing bodies and working groups, ELIA encourages partnerships, creative thinking, and knowledge exchange in a unique international and multidisciplinary context. 

Advocacy and representation 

ELIA represents and advances the interests of the higher arts education sector at the European and international levels as an active player within the advocacy community (i.e., policymakers, other networks, and stakeholder organisations). The breadth and geographical coverage of its membership give ELIA the agency to act for higher arts education as a dynamic and reliable partner advocating for education and the arts, and for embedding culture in all areas of society. 

ELIA also serves as intermediary for its members in a Europe-wide (and global) exchange of information and advocacy in the field of higher arts education, the world of professional practice, and policy stakeholders. This especially entails empowering members through intelligence (knowledge transfer), active networking, and peer support. 

Academic leadership and professionalism 

Through ELIA's activities, academics and leaders of institutions obtain easy access to the most recent developments in the field and can engage with colleagues in peer-to-peer learning. Lifelong learning and professionalism are permanently on our agenda. 

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