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ELIA has produced a rich catalogue of books, readers and other publications that are available to download as a PDF as well as to order in hardcopy.

The ELIA Digital Library, featuring abstracts, downloads of full publications, and supplementary material, is freely available to the public. 

Hard copies of recent ELIA publications are available at ELIA events. Hard copies of the majority of publications in the ELIA Library can also be ordered. Please send requests with the title of the publication(s), the number of copies desired and a mailing address to the ELIA Office, at info[at]elia-artschools.org. 

Hard copies ship from the ELIA Executive Office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Recent Publications by ELIA


Artfutures: Working with Contradictions in Higher Arts Education 
Edited by Kieran Corcoran, Carla Delfos and Jessica Maxwell
Published March 2014 

Artfutures: Working with Contradictions in Higher Arts Education brings together leading arts practitioners, educators and thinkers, across 14 countries and a variety of disciplines, to address the most pressing issues in higher arts education from the perspective of those operating within the field.

These contributions cover a wide range of initiatives, from solving the complex problems of urbanity to plotting the future of the cultural ecosystem. In its exploration of diverse geographies, ArtFutures tackles issues such as the rise of the MFA in Europe alongside the need for an inclusive approach to the cultural and creative industries, centred on informal arts education, in Africa.

Together, these papers constitute a unique anthology which highlights the manifold iterations of higher arts education. ArtFutures demonstrates that the tension between these pluralities, together with mediating institutions like the European League of Institutes of the Arts, acts as a driving force in the development of the field.

Visit the ArtFutures Publication webpage for more information.

The SHARE Handbook for Artistic Research Education
Edited by Mick Wilson and Schelte van Ruiten
Published November 2013

The SHARE Handbook for Artistic Research Education is the outcome of three years of work by SHARE, an international network working to enhance the ‘third cycle’ of arts research and education in Europe. SHARE is an acronym for ‘Step-Change for Higher Arts Research and Education’ (a ‘step-change’ being a major jump forward, a key moment of progress).

The SHARE network brings together a wide array of graduate schools, research centres, educators, supervisors, researchers and cultural practitioners, across all the arts disciplines. Over the period 2010–2013, this network was (co)funded through the ERASMUS Lifelong Learning Programme. Jointly coordinated by the Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media (GradCAM), the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) and the European League of Institute of the Arts (ELIA), the funding bid was comprised of 35 partners from 28 European countries.

The SHARE Handbook for Artistic Research Education is a poly-vocal document, designed as a contribution to the field of artistic research education from an organisational, procedural and practical standpoint. As a provisional disclosure of the state of the art within specific constituencies, this publication seeks to be serviceable to many different agendas and projects, and it attempts to do this by demonstrating the lived contradictions of what is simultaneously both an emerging and fully formed domain of research education.

Vist the SHARE Handbook webpage for more information.

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