Ralf Richardt Strøbech

Head of Artistic Research
The Danish National School of Performing Arts

My educational background is in architecture, musicology and public governance from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, University of Copenhagen and Copenhagen Business School, respectively.

Early on, I worked primarily as an artistic director and set designer at the Danish performance group Hotel Pro Forma. In that frame, I created a series of performances and operas that toured internationally for several years. The one I am the fondest of is an electro-opera called Tomorrow in a Year, dealing with issues of evolution and diversity and based on the life and theories of Darwin as well as other contemporary (Victorian and current) evolutionary theorists. It toured for six years in eleven countries from Stockholm to Melbourne in the big opera houses. Later I have turned my attention to education and research since it seemed a more efficient and interesting way to work with knowledge production and dissemination.

Artistically, I now tend to make smaller, more experimental project, that fit the research that I am doing, rather than the more production heavy and logistically demanding tour-projects. I also make a point of working in different institutional settings like museums, libraries and public spaces, since the institutional logics of these very different venues leave their mark on the work to a much bigger extent than we might normally admit.


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