Maren Schmohl

Vice Rector 
Merz Academy, University for Applied Arts, Design and Media

During the past five years, I have worked in a leading role at Merz Akademie, a small, private Hochschule in southern Germany, having been nominated as vice-rector in 2014. At a small school like ours (ca. 250 BA and MA students) every job is hands-on and covers a wide range of responsibilities. I am intimately involved in many activities of the Akademie: writing and implementing the strategic plan with my colleagues in the Rectorate (and other colleagues and stakeholders of course); designing new course offers and study plans with teaching staff; defining and organizing the school’s internal and external quality assurance procedures; drafting rules and regulations; writing applications of all sorts; doing political lobbying, and thinking about strategies for internationalisation. As a private, not-for-profit school we also have balance questions of risk management and governance with the givens of academic and artistic freedom. I am also member of the Executive Group of EQ-Arts, an international Quality Assurance Agency for the Arts, which means I am regularly involved in external Quality Reviews all over Europe and
beyond – most recently in Austria, Estonia, Netherlands and Kazakhstan. In the last two years, I have worked intensely with my colleagues in the EQ-Arts Executive Group and the Board to develop our ‘startup’ (which began its life and existed successfully for many years under the auspices of ELIA) into an EQAR registered, independent Agency, which hopefully will be accomplished this year.


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