Anna Opalka

Administrative Director of the Research and Development Centre of Renovation and Conservation
University of Applied Sciences in Nysa

Nysa, Poland

Born in Katowice on 04 May 1975, I graduated in Real Estates and Investments at the Department of Economics of the University of Economics in Cracow, POLAND in 2004, obtaining the Master of Science degree. In the period of 1998-2004 I was working at the Silesian University of
Technology in Gliwice at the International and Research Offices. I completed the Management Postgraduates Studies at the University of Wrocław with the diploma in 2012. Actually, my scientific area focuses on the international projects management in the area of conservation and cultural heritage protection and consequently, after more than ten years of research and practice, it became a theme for my PhD thesis, which is going to be completed in the nearest future. (University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski in Warsaw: Theory and practice of the international partner projects in cultural heritage protection sector).
Since 2004 I have been holding the position of head of the University`s External Relations Department responsible for international cooperation and promotion, counselling, carrier development of students and market research. Since 2008 I have been the administrative director of the Research
and Development Centre of Renovation and Conservation at the University of Applied Sciences in Nysa.
The role of the Director of the Center has given me the opportunity for working every day at the core of this important sector, managing fields such as:
• traditional and modern techniques of conservation
• conservation research and analysis (for historical objects, details and restoration material)
• international programmes and projects supporting conservation and architecture (Cultura 2000, Leonardo da Vinci, Comenius, LLP Erasmus, Erasmus plus, European Social Fund and others)
• cultural heritage management and promotion through variety actions and activities:publications, conferences (incl. ICOMOS), workshops and many others
• cooperation flows and activities with partners in the conservation and art sector among which are: Palazzo Spinelli in Florence, Italy, Centro Albayzin in Granada, Spain, Ecole Avinion in France, Vysoka Skola Vytvarnych Umeni in Bratislava, Slovakia, University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki – Conservation Department, among others.

Daily duties are realised in strong cooperation with different partners such as municipal and public authorities, cultural heritage protection institutions, colleges and universities, students, researches, conservators, musicians, town citizens, architectural companies, historical societies, corporate collections, art institutions, museums, churches and other religious institutions, individual collectors, galleries, foreign institutions and government bodies on regional and national levels.

In 2013 I had an honour to represent Polish universities and institutions at the 6th EuroIndia Summit “Greening cities” in Hyderabad with a speech about the cultural heritage best practices of building identity of regions on borderlands. As a result of this visit, an agreement between University
of Applied Sciences in Nysa and Centre for Heritage Management Ahmedabad University will be signed in 2014 dealing with cultural heritage management education and projects with Indian institutions. Moreover, a Polish-Indian Contact Point for business and culture will be launched in
September to facilitate this cooperation in the future.

All the above activities and scopes of expertise which are based on international cooperation with different European and non-European Institutions will be a good base for my future operations with ELIA Network and will give me the chance to create operative cooperation, partnerships and networks focusing on new professional practices and developing new educational programs in the sector.

Personally, I am strongly motivated to work and share ideas and experiences above boundaries.


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