Andrew Kulman

Birmingham City University

Birmingham, UK

I came into education from professional practice and my knowledge of industry and the changing requirements has helped direct my approach to teaching. I have always been able to create simulated ‘real-life’ experiences for students whilst also building entrepreneurial and presentation skills and into modules across the Faculty. My background as an artist/maker allowed me to follow a belief that students learn by doing (supported where possible with theoretical back up) In the roles I have undertaken I’ve been able to mentor staff and my experience provides valuable support for developing courses. 

In addition to the teaching practice discussed above, over the years I have also sat on and chaired a number of validation panels for the university and also acted as an external member of reviews and specialist subject auditor, which has allowed my knowledge to help staff and improve courses both in the UK and abroad. Over the years, I have often acted as a mentor to new colleagues and those being promoted into new roles, and I currently have five mentorships of new staff. I have sat on Faculty Board dealing with Learning and Teaching and was also an active member of the Faculty’s Course Directors’ Forum which dealt with matters relating to supporting staff develop courses.

Currently I manage the Undergraduate courses in Visual Communication, I am also part of the University’s Quality Enhancement team supporting courses in attaining better student satisfaction.

I also continue my practice as an artist outside of University.


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