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Introducing EQ-Arts
ELIA's Quality Assurance and Enhancement Initiative Launches Official Website

At eq-arts.org you will find further information on EQ-Arts quality review visits, resources, professional guidance and European QA&E reference point for Higher Arts Education.

Are you concerned about your internal quality culture? Are you facing an accreditation and want to get fit for purpose? Do you want to implement strategic and operational changes and mechanisms for quality assurance? Are external circumstances threatening your institution and do you want to turn them into opportunities through implementing strong quality enhancement structures?

EQ-Arts offers a tested, sound and recognized peer review process that is the product of experience since 2004. EQ-arts uses highly qualified and experienced peers to work with your institution, your staff and stakeholders.

EQ-Arts has an ENQA Affiliate status and co-operates with the EUA.

What We Offer
Institutional and/or subject peer review by an international panel of ELIA trained and experienced experts

    o Training and development of experts
    o Qualifications frameworks and learning outcomes
    o How to prepare for an institutional/subject peer review

Trained and experienced experts for national accreditation processes

Our Approach
EQ-arts features a distinctive approach towards Quality Assurance and Enhancement, using a methodology specifically designed for Higher Arts Education Institutions that embraces all arts disciplines. We offer a sound evaluation process that draws upon a European qualifications framework, respects the individual vision and national context of institutions while maintaining a clear focus on the student experience.

EQ-arts distinguishes itself from other QA&E initiatives by offering a binary approach that is equipped to address both institutional and/or subject review. Each review process is tailor made to the institution and adopts a bottom-up review methodology.

EQ-arts creates an elevated level of education and experience to meet National and EU QA&E Standards and a noticeable improvement in quality management policies and infrastructures.

As a result of engaging in the EQ-arts Two Visit Review Process institutions and staff will find that they have an improved confidence and understanding of a broad range of QA&E subjects.

Institutions also benefit from a comprehensive Review Report, that they fully own, which highlights good practice, areas for further development and contains appropriate recommendations.

Join Us!
Request an EQ-arts review now by contacting Co-ordinator Lars Ebert at lars.ebert@elia-artschools.org

For more information visit the EQ-arts webpage.

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