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NEW NOW Festival 2012 Launches!

ONLINE wherever you are, whenever you want.

LIVE 11-15 July amidst the summer splendor of Porto, Portugal.

The NEW NOW Festival provides an innovative platform for the most exciting and creative NEU artistic talent NOW emerging from higher arts education institutions and universities across Europe and beyond – to present themselves to wider audiences in the NEW NOW online and LIVE Festival.

The NEW NOW Festival is:

+ An online and a live event that promotes artistic excellence through cutting edge presentations and activities;

+ An opportunity for selected young artists to show their work, meet each other during the LIVE Festival and create new international partnerships;

+ A place where audiences, producers and curators can see the most excellent artists and innovative projects emerging from the art schools and universities across Europe;

+ A forum where emerging artists, producers, curators, cultural operators and policy makers can discuss future developments for the arts and share views on the cultural role of higher arts education institutions;

+ A means of presenting an emerging generation of professional artists, drawn from across Europe, to the attention of a wide audience.

The European League of Institutes of the Arts received hundreds of nominations from art institutions across 31 countries from which an international jury selected 56 projects to be part of the NEW NOW online Festival. In a second jury selection, 32 projects were selected from the 56 to be part of the NEW NOW LIVE Festival.

The fourth iteration of the NEW NOW online and the NEW NOW LIVE Festival includes projects arranged across the following five art disciplines:

+ Visual Arts

+ Design

+ Theatre/Dance

+ Music/Sound

+ Film

In whichever field you find your passion for art, NEW NOW has something fresh and innovative...

Porto, Portugal's second city, one of Europe's oldest settlements and an UNESCO World Heritage site, is easily accessible from many major transportation hubs and is serviced by low cost airlines.

Come bask in the Summer sunshine, enjoy the local cultural offerings of this vibrant city and the Europe wide work of NEW NOW's talented artists.

For detailed information on travel and accommodation please refer to the visitor's information page

Visit the festival homepage to explore the online festival, preview the LIVE festival and view the full programme of events scheduled for 11-15 July. 

Happier Together: NEW NOW LIVE and ELIA's Teachers' Academy

This year's edition of NEW NOW LIVE will be held in conjunction with ELIA's  Teachers' Academy. For more information on this international platform for the professional development of lecturers in higher arts education scroll below to Teachers' Academy 2012 Porto.


For any additional questions or enquiries please contact Project Manager Ute Kohlmann: ute.kohlmann@elia-artschools.org





Call for Nominations: Next ELIA Representative Board

Nominations Deadline: 15 June 2012

The next ELIA General Assembly will be organised on 10 November 2012, coinciding with the 12th ELIA Biennial Conference in Vienna. During the General Assembly meeting a minimum of 8 and a of maximum 21 Representative Board members will be elected.

Member institutions are asked to submit candidates for nomination to the ELIA Board for the period autumn 2012 - autumn 2014. Deadline for nominations is 15 June 2012.

Click here for further details and to download the nominations form.

Please direct all questions and enquiries to ELIA Executive Director Carla Delfos: carla.delfos@elia-artschools.org





Teachers' Academy 2012 Porto
Online Registration Reminder

Registration Deadline: 3 July 2012

The ESMAE School of Music and Performing Arts and the Faculty of Fine Art, University of Porto open their doors to the 5th ELIA Teachers’ Academy held 11-13 July 2012 in Porto.

Happier Together: The Teachers' Academy and NEW NOW LIVE

This year's edition of the Teachers' Academy will be held in conjunction with the NEW NOW LIVE Festival in Porto. The combination of these two dynamic events will result in a participatory experience covering the range of arts education pedagogy from process to production.

What is the Teachers' Academy?

The Teachers’ Academy is an international platform for ideas and practices for teachers in artschools in Europe and beyond. Its main aim is to contribute to the professional development for lecturers in higher arts education.

Teachers’ Academy Participants will:

+ Engage with innovative pedagogic and research methods at an international level;

+ Acquire new insights and practices about educating artists in and across the art disciplines;

+ Share their latest ideas and practices with international colleagues.

Click here to register.

Final registration will close 3 July 2012.

For full information regarding registration please visit the
registration information page.

For full programme details visit the
Teachers' Academy programme page.

Please direct all questions and enquiries to ELIA Conference Manager Barbara Revelli: barbara.revelli@elia-artschools.org




ELIA-ASIA Symposium: Creating a Global Network

Early Bird Registration Reminder

Early Bird Registration Deadline: 15 July 2012

K-Arts - Korea National University of Arts will be hosting the ELIA-ASIA Symposium 4-6 October 2012.

The University of the Arts London, as a founding member of ELIA and with long standing successful relationships with Asia, supports the initiative.

Approximately 80 delegates are expected, coming from all over Asia and Europe, with the aim to network, share good practice and discuss on the theme “The Role of the Arts for a Better World”. Possibilities of establishing an ELIA-ASIA network will be explored and future action agreed.

Click here to register.

Early bird registration will close 15 July 2012.

Final registration will close 18 September 2012.

Further information on the ELIA-ASIA initiative can be found on the
official homepage.

For full programme details please click here.


Please direct all questions and enquiries to ELIA Conference Manager Barbara Revelli: barbara.revelli@elia-artschools.org





12th ELIA Biennial Conference: Vienna November 2012

Early Bird Registration Reminder

Early Bird Registration Deadline: 30 July 2012

The 12th ELIA Biennial Conference, hosted by the University of Applied Arts Vienna – Die Angewandte on 8-12 November 2012, is shaping up to be an unmissable event featuring such luminaries as Ute Meta Bauer, Shady El Noshokaty, and VALIE EXPORT.

The ELIA Biennial Conference has been established as a major event for a large number of institutes of higher arts education in Europe and beyond. We meet, we share, we discuss, we celebrate, we establish new links, and sometimes we change our views.

Thanks to the MuseumsQuartier Wien, venue of the Biennial Conference, we will experience a highly enriching environment in an exciting city.

To join us in this lively discourse, click here to register!

Early bird registration will close 30 July 2012.

Final registration will close 26 October 2012.

To view the conference brochure please click here.

For further information, including a full programme, please visit the ELIA Biennial website.

Please direct all questions and enquiries to ELIA Conference Manager Barbara Revelli: barbara.revelli@elia-artschools.org





Languages through Lenses 2012

Amsterdam Workshop Coverage

Via the Languages Through Lenses competition, supported by the European Commission, we invite students to highlight the advantages of learning and speaking foreign languages and to illustrate the enriching experience of intercultural exchanges.

EU language policies aim to protect linguistic diversity and promote knowledge of languages – for reasons of cultural identity and social integration, but also because multilingual citizens are better placed to take advantage of the educational, professional and economic opportunities created by an integrated Europe.

To view the 15 proposals chosen for production for the 2012 edition of Languages Through Lenses visit the participants page.


The workshop took place in the ELIA Office and Castrum Peregrini, Amsterdam on 16-18 April 2012.

Two film makers per project were invited to a workshop given by professionals in the audiovisual sector. In three days of productive and stimulating discussion, all projects were reviewed and received valuable feedback.

The workshop was led by three experts in the field of scriptwriting and short film production:

+Syl van Duin

  (Writer and buyer for documentaries for the Dutch public television)

+Pál Sipos

  (Producer and Head of Cultural Programs in the Hungarian Television to 2010)

+Pekka Ruohoranta

   (Producer and director in YLE Drama)

The production of the films has already begun and will be launched during the PRIX EUROPA Festival in Berlin as well as on the ELIA website from the end of October 2012 onwards.

For further information regarding this year's edition of Languages Through Lenses please visit the project's mainpage.

Snapshots from the workshops, along with workshop leader biographies, can be found on the Amsterdam Workshop 2012 page.


Please direct all questions and enquiries to Project Manager Ute Kohlmann: ute.kohlmann@elia-artschools.org




SHARE#2 London Conference Coverage

The Second Annual SHARE Conference, SHARE#2 Developing the 3rd Cycle: Doctoral Level Education for the Arts, was held 11-12 May at the CCW Graduate School, University of the Arts London.

This international conference considered the challenges, opportunities and critical issues faced in the building of new - and the further development of existing - programmes and platforms for 3rd cycle (doctoral) education and research for the creative arts.

Over two days of presentations, break-out groups, workshops and discussions, the conference brought together 122 researchers, educators, senior administrators, deans and rectors from 27 countries across Europe to think through the practical and theoretical challenges in developing doctoral level education in creative art practices.

Highlights of the two day programme included case studies from across the disciplines, break out discussion sessions and Gertrud Sandqvist's keynote speech "Art - a Matter of Specialized Thinking", one of three from the event that also featured keynote speakers Bill Gaver and Klaus Jung.

Snapshots from the conference, speaker biographies, case study details and the full programme can be viewed on the SHARE#2 conference homepage.

For further information on SHARE (Step-Change for Higher Arts Research and Education) visit the SHARE network homepage.


(Gertrud Sandqvist, 11 May 2012)





European Cultural News:

EU Council of Culture Ministers Meeting

10-11 May Brussels

The EU Council of Culture Ministers convened on the 10th and 11th of this month in Brussels to discuss the European Commission’s proposed Creative Europe programme in response to modifications put forth by the Danish EU Presidency, which centered on addressing delegate’s concerns regarding the position of non-profit organization, cultural diversity and the intrinsic value of culture.


EC Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou stated that the meeting had produced “a balanced compromise text” and that “This sets a clear signal that culture and media policymakers are ready to play their part in realizing culture’s contribution both in terms of its intrinsic value and as a contribution to growth and jobs.”

Although Vassiliou reported that the EU member state delegations came to a general consensus on the main elements of Creative Europe and that the Council supports the merger of current programmes, friction arose from a number of delegations around the proposed loan guarantee facility.

The new loan guarantee facility, which is intended to complement grant funding, aims to bolster the financial capacity of the cultural and creative sector, specifically focusing on meeting the needs of small to medium sized enterprises in obtaining bank credit. Those in favor of the facility argue that it could serve as a bridging mechanism between creative industries and private investment and reduce dependency on grants as more well established organizations will have an increased ability to transition to private funding.

In regards to the loan guarantee facility, the UK’s Culture Minister Ed Vaizey raised “concerns about whether it would be value for money and whether it should be part of the existing budget, rather than additional expenditure”. His Dutch counterpart fell along similar lines stating that “I am wondering if a specific fund for the creative sector is really necessary, is a government fund the appropriate tool to stimulate risky investment?".

Despite these objections, Vassiliou expressed a positive outlook for the future of Creative Europe. Following the conclusion of the meeting, the Council’s final agreement on the programme is on hold as it is dependent on the finalization of the EU’s Multi-Annual Financial Framework (MFF) for 2014-2020.


Further Reading:

"Vassiliou welcomes Council support for 'Creative Europe'; sets out vision for new loan guarantee facility" (EUROPA)

"Creative Europe Programme, The Cultural and Creative Sectors Loan Guarantee Facility, Frequently Asked Questions" (EUROPA)

"Culture Action Europe values the position adopted by the EU Council of Culture Ministers on the Creative Europe programme" (Culture Action Europe)




European Cultural News:

NEXT STEP (Danish Presidency Conference on Culture in Next EU budget)

An international conference debating the decisions to be made in regard to EU 2014-2020 policies and budget and their impact on the cultural landscape of Europe in the future will be hosted by the Danish Presidency in Herning, Denmark, 7-8 June 2012.

For more details and to register visit the conference webpage.





ELIA Granted ENQA Affiliate Status

As of this month ELIA has been granted affiliate status from The European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA). ELIA looks forward to future cooperation between the two organizations and believes this affiliate status will be a great asset for its Quality Enhancement Project, Peer Power.



New Members
ELIA is pleased to welcome the following new members:

Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto
Porto, PT





This newsletter is funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views of ELIA and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.  

NEW NOW Festival
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Call for Nominations:
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Teachers' Academy 2012
Porto, 11-13 July
Registration Deadline: 3 July

ELIA-ASIA Symposium
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Early Bird Registration Deadline: 15 July

12th ELIA Biennial Conference
Vienna, 8-12 November
Early Bird Registration Deadline: 30 July

LTL Workshop Coverage
Amsterdam, 16-18 April 2012

SHARE#2 Conference Coverage
London, 11-12 May 2012

European Cultural News:
EU Council of Culture Ministers Meeting

Brussels, 10-11 May 2012

European Cultural News:
NEXT STEP Conference

Herning, 7-8 June 2012

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Upcoming events

Helsinki, 10-12 June
Academic Cooperation Association Annual Conference

Barcelona, 9-12 July
7th International Conference on Cultural Policy Research

Porto, 11-13 July
5th ELIA Teachers' Academy 2012

Porto, 11-15 July
NEW NOW LIVE Festival 2012

Nida, 15-24 July
SHARE/NIDA Summer School

London, 23 July-4 August
Sport []like []dislike Exhibition

Helsinki, 3-10 August
Artistic Research in Depth-International Summer Academy

Roskilde, 12-16 August
Participatory Design 2012

Vienna, 5-8 September
Artistic Practices - conference on the sociology of the arts

London, 11-14 September
Out of Control

Ljubljana, 27-28 September
Employability of Graduates
and Higher Education Management Systems

Vienna, 8-10 November
12th ELIA Biennial Conference

Ljubljana, 14-21 October
Atelier for Young Festival Managers

Tbilisi, 19 October-20 November
1st Tbilisi Triennial

Helsinki, 28-29 November
The Art of Research: IV Conference

Ayia Napa, 30 November-
2 December
Photography and Museums: Displayed and Displaying

Bergen, 23-25 January 2013
Sensuous Knowledge Conference

Gothenburg, 17-19 April 2013
Crafting the Future



Job openings

RITS School of Arts
Four Mandates for PhD in the Arts
Deadline for Applications:
1 September 2012

OCAD University
Vice President (Academic)

Starting July 2012

MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Director of the MIT Programme in Art, Culture, and Technology
Reviews starting September

RITS School of Arts
Four Mandates for PhD in the Arts
Deadline for Applications:
1 September 2012 RITS School of Arts
Four Mandates for PhD in the Arts
Deadline for Applications:
1 September 2012 RITS School of Arts
Four Mandates for PhD in the Arts
Deadline for Applications:
1 September 2012 RITS School of Arts
Four Mandates for PhD in the Arts
Deadline for Applications:
1 September 2012 RITS School of Arts
Four Mandates for PhD in the Arts
Deadline for Applications:
1 September 2012 RITS School of Arts
Four Mandates for PhD in the Arts
Deadline for Applications:
1 September 2012 RITS School of Arts
Four Mandates for PhD in the Arts
Deadline for Applications:
1 September 2012 RITS School of Arts
Four Mandates for PhD in the Arts
Deadline for Applications:
1 September 2012



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