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ELIA's working groups have recently launched
two new platforms!

In order to better involve and serve member institutions, ELIA has initiated the creation of several working groups on relevant topics in higher arts education. Three of these working groups now have platforms, which are open to join for all staff at ELIA member institutions.

See one below on a topic of interest? We invite you to join! If not, share with your colleagues, and keep an eye out as more working groups and platforms are on the horizon!

The first is Artistic Research: a forum for institutional, programme and project leaders; heads of departments; researchers; PhD students and supervisors of ELIA member institutions who want to contribute to the development of artistic research. Register now for the virtual platform and/or first yearly meeting taking place this June at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

The second is Sustainable Careers, a platform to consider the attributes, skills, competencies and knowledge, in addition to the discipline-specific competences that graduating artists should be equipped with to maximise their potential in their chosen careers within the evolving ecosystem. Click here to join the Sustainable Careers platform.

ELIA also encourages staff members of ELIA Member Institutions who are advising on, or making strategies and policies on internationalisation to register for our Platform Internationalisation (PIE) and the upcoming annual meeting, taking place from 16-17 May 2019 at The Glasgow School of Art

To shape the content of this meeting, ELIA invites members to submit proposals around the topic of internationalisation. Please find here the call for papers and submit via our online form before the deadline:
1 May 2019.


ELIA members are also invited to join: 

The 2019 ELIA Academy, ELIA’s event on teaching and learning, held in Stuttgart from 25-27 September 2019, will focus on digitalisation, and feature interactive presentations focused on a number of common keywords, including digital pedagogies, critical attention, immersion, storytelling and more. View the full programme, list of speakers, and register now!

Organised in conjunction with ELIA Academy 2019 is Challenges of Doctoral Supervision: the first event in the frame of the Erasmus Plus Strategic Partnership Project Advancing Supervision for Artistic Research Doctorates. Delegates are invited to register for both events!


ELIA's 2019 Leadership Symposium will bring together influential leaders from higher arts education institutions across the globe for a timely exchange on the challenges of cross-cultural collaboration. How do we identify the “unthought of” that lies between cultures? What are some of the cultural biases that might stand in the way of fruitful collaborations? How can we, as leaders, equip our institutions with the right tools to overcome these biases?

Delegates will have the opportunity to network with colleagues from around the world and map the common ground between leading Chinese and Western arts universities. Register now and find out more.



ELIA Executive Director, Maria Hansen had the chance to attend the recent Council for Higher Education in Art and Design (CHEAD) Conference. Click here to read her comments and find out more about ELIA's collaboration with CHEAD.


Culture Action Europe's Live Online Dialogue took place today. One member from our representative board listened in and two ELIA office staff brought questions forward on higher arts education instutions . Read our brief overview here.




ELIA supporting member Zurich University of the Arts is hosting a Conference: Exchanged – Learning and Teaching in the Arts in the Digital Age. Speakers at this event will also be sharing their experiences at the ELIA Academy!


The Faculty of Dramatic Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade is organising a conference on the occasion of 30 years of the Institute for Theatre, Film, Radio and Television.
Find out more.


ELIA Welcomes Four New Members!

Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU 視覺藝術院 in Hong Kong, 
AP Hogeschool in Belgium, 
Hochschule für Künste Bremen in Germany, and
Maltepe-Universität in Turkey

We're so glad to have you as part of our growing network!

Artistic Research
Sustainable Careers


ELIA Academy
Challenges of Doctoral Supervision
Leadership Symposium


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