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ELIA Artschool
13th ELIA Biennial Conference
Glasgow 13-15 November 2014
Highlights: Keynote Speakers

Registration ends 31 October! Register now!

Browse the fully interactive Biennial Conference Registration Brochure to discover all that the LOCATION/AESTHETICS programme has to offer.

The 13th ELIA Biennial Conference, hosted by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and The Glasgow School of Art, is the largest conference on higher arts education worldwide, drawing an audience of approximately 500 directors, artists, teachers and thinkers. 

This year’s conference theme focuses on the relationship between the creative and the city and the dynamic interplay between place, culture, creativity and the artist.  Recognising that the arts are both the most local and the most international of activities - proud of their traditions and identity, but at their most exciting when they break down barriers and cross borders, LOCATION/AESTHETICS will explore the cultural, social and economic role that creative individuals and institutions play in creating and transforming a city, regional or national identity and place in the world.

Four sub-themes have been identified to address more specific issues:


During the plenary sessions a distinguished roster of Keynote Speakers will draw out these themes. The Keynote Speakers are:

Pier Luigi Sacco
Professor of Cultural Economics and Deputy Rector for International Affairs at IULM University in Milan, Director of Siena its candidacy for the European Capital of Culture 2019 and Scientific Director of the Fondazione Campus. 

Geoffrey Crossick
Distinguished Professor of the Humanities in the School of Advanced Study, University of London and Director of the AHRC Cultural Value Project. 

Josette Bushell-Mingo
Artistic director for The Swedish National Touring Theatre ensemble, Co-Founder PUSH, Officer of the Order of the British Empire and board member of the Swedish Film Institute.

Martin Boyce
Scottish sculptor and mulimedia installation artist, Turner Prize Winner 2011. 

Visit the Biennial Registration Portal to register now!
The deadline for registration is 31 October 2014.

Contact Interim ELIA Conference Manager Marte Brinkman at marte.brinkman@elia-artschools.org or visit www.eliabiennial.com for more information.


Save the Dates!
EQ-arts Quality Assurance and Enhancement
Upcoming Events

About EQ-arts
EQ-arts offers a distinctive approach towards Quality Assurance and Enhancement, using a methodology specifically tailored for Higher Arts Education Institutions that embraces all arts disciplines. EQ-arts features a sound evaluation process that draws upon a European qualifications framework, respects the individual vision and national context of institutions while maintaining a clear focus on the student experience. EQ-arts is a community of trained and highly experienced QA experts who have tested their methodology of institutional review through conducting institutional and subject reviews across Europe over the past six years.

15 November 2014 / EQ-arts at the 13th ELIA Biennial Glasgow
Workshop: Recent Developments in Quality Assurance and Enhancement

12 December 2014
Info day for Austrian schools; launch co-operation EQ-Arts/AQ-Austria

30 March - 1 April 2015
EQ-Arts Experts Trainings

Details on the Experts Trainings and how to register will be posted shortly.

Contact EQ-arts Coordinator Lars Ebert at lars.ebert@elia-artschools.org or visit www.elia-artschools.org/activities/eq-arts for more information.


ELIA NEW NOW Festival 2014
& The ELIA Biennial Glasgow:
A Perfect Pairing

The European League of Institutes of the Arts received hundreds of nominations from art institutions across the world for NEW NOW 2014, from which an international jury selected 65 projects from 23 countries to be part of the ELIA NEW NOW Online Festival.

In a second jury selection, 28 projects from across 13 countries were selected from the 65 to be part of the ELIA NEW NOW LIVE Festival taking place 12-16 November 2014 in Glasgow, UK.

The ELIA NEW NOW Festival is an innovative international platform and showcase for talented graduating students and recent graduates (within one year of graduation) – of Higher Arts Education Institutions and Universities across Europe and beyond – to present themselves to a wide international audience.

Artists (as individuals or groups) were nominated, by their (former) institution, within one of the following five disciplines:
+ Visual Arts
+ Design/Architecture
+ Theatre/Dance
+ Music/Sound
+ Film/Animation

The international judging panel of experts, representing each of the five arts disciplines, selected work for the online festival on the basis of the following criteria - work that:

• engages with, and makes a bold contribution to, leading edge practice in the international field of the discipline
• demonstrates clear potential as work that is likely to achieve a good professional standard of presentation
• is likely to stimulate the interest of promoters, curators, festival organisers and/or producers working in the professional field of the discipline
• is suitable for presentation and is likely to stimulate the interest of an international audience
• together with the other work selected within the discipline, contributes to the presentation of a diverse range within the category.

Want to know more about NEW NOW?

Visit the past edition's website at www.neunow.com and watch the trailer from the  NEW NOW LIVE Festival 2013 Amsterdam:


Participation on Trial Conference
Amsterdam 10-11 October 2014
Last Chance to Register!

The international conference on participatory art entitled 'Participation on Trial' will be held by Castrum Peregrini in Amsterdam from 10-11 October 2014.

Presenters will include, a.o., Mieke Bal, Ruth Noack, Chrissie Tiller and Nina Folkersma.

Organised by Castrum Peregrini in cooperation with Fonds Voor Cultuurparticipatie, Goethe Institut Niederlande, Utrecht School of Arts and Rietveld Academie Amsterdam; in the framework of the Erasmus project TimeCase.

The first day of the conference will be an enacted court case. During this public court hearing questions around participatory art will be addressed in a polemic manner. All speakers and participants get a specific role: as judge, prosecutor, lawyer, witness or external expert. Taking up these roles they will discuss all the arguments in a playful but serious manner.

The second day will focus on the practice of participation: how to do it? Which approach works and which does not? The toolkit that was developed in the TimeCase project will be launched and some inspiring case studies will be presented and discussed.

Please register through mail@castrumperegrini.nl
Costs for two days 70 euro; students 45 euro. Only the second day 30 euro; students 20 euro. The full programme will be published at www.castrumperegrini.org 


Call for Venue: 15th ELIA Biennial Conference and General Assembly 2018

ELIA will organise its 15th Biennial Conference in 2018 and is calling upon its members to nominate a venue.

The deadline for nominations is 1 December 2014.

ELIA is currently preparing the 13th Biennial Conference that will take place in Glasgow 10-12 November 2014, hosted by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and the Glasgow School of Art.

The ELIA Board will decide in September 2014 whether the 14th Biennial Conference will take place in Firenze, Italy or Poznan, Poland.

To improve the preparation process and facilitate the hosts in raising funds, ELIA has anticipated the publication of the next edition of the 15th ELIA Biennial Conference.

The ELIA Biennial Conference is usually organised in autumn and attracts roughly 500 delegates, representing more than 40 countries, giving the host institute(s) a unique opportunity to present themselves to Higher Art Education Institutions and Universities from all over the world. The host institute’s students and teachers are encouraged to be involved in the development of the conference. 

For further information on hosting and details on how to submit a nomination for your city please read the full Call for Venue: 15th ELIA Biennial Conference and General Assembly 2018



7th Teachers' Academy 2015
ENACT: Learning in/through the Arts
Tilburg, The Netherlands, 10-12 May 2015
Call for Presentations, Papers and Workshops

The European League of Institutes of the Arts - ELIA is pleased to announce the 7th ELIA Teachers’ Academy - ENACT: Learning in/through the Arts, hosted by Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts, which brings together lecturers from Higher Arts Education across Europe and beyond.

For the 7th ELIA Teachers’ Academy we invite artists, art professors and art educators to showcase their own practices in the arts and education, be it in a presentation, a pecha kucha, a workshop, or another suitable format. What are the specificities of artistic strategies employed in teaching and learning, and what kind of educational practices do artists use to put their work into action?

The ELIA Teachers’ Academy 2015 will address the following themes:
• Theme 1; Artistic Strategies in Education
• Theme 2; Educational Practices in the Arts

Who can participate?
Lecturers/artists teaching in ELIA member schools who are directly involved in the delivery of theory and/or practice, artistic researchers and teachers/researchers in arts education or pedagogy, including art educators working in the public domain, who want to:
• engage with innovative pedagogic methods on an international level;
• gain new insights and look to future practices in educating and training artists across all art disciplines;
• share ideas and practices with like-minded international colleagues.

Call for presentations
To shape the content of the ELIA Teachers’ Academy 2015 we invite colleagues from ELIA member institutions from all art disciplines to consider contributing to the programme. ELIA encourages diversity in its programme, and invites a wide variety of formats, including
papers, workshops, pecha kucha’s and other presentations.

Submissions for presentations should include:
• theme;
• summary of maximum 250 words of the specific knowledge/practice transferred;
• structure of the presentation: paper presentation, workshop, pecha kucha, other
• contact details of the presenter(s).

Completed submissions can be sent to Barbara Revelli, ELIA Conference Manager, at barbara.revelli@elia-artschools.org

Deadline for submissions is 15 December 2014.
Applicants will be informed the latest 30 January 2015.

Contact Barbara Revelli, ELIA Conference Manager, at barbara.revelli@elia-artschools.org or visit the ELIA Teachers' Academy 2015 website for more information.



EU Funding Calls for HORIZON 2020 Open in
2014 & 2015

HORIZON 2020 Programme Call for Research on Inclusive, Innovative and Reflective Societies. EU grants involve between EUR 1.5 and 2.5 million.

The deadline for nominations is 1 December 2014.

In the frame of the HORIZON 2020 Programme, a specific Work Programme on ‘Inclusive, Innovative and Reflective Societies’ has been published.

The Work programme 2014 – 2015 focuses on large-scale multidisciplinary and comparative research and integrates social science and humanities. The calls in 2015 under the chapters  ‘Reflective Societies,  The Cultural Heritage and European Identities’ and ‘New Forms of Innovation’,  also including a  scheme ‘Fast Track to Innovation’,  provide opportunities for higher arts education institutes to join the HORIZON 2020 programme.

The call ‘Emergence and transmission of European cultural heritage and Europeanisation’, which may be of particular interest to HAE institutions, has two deadlines:
30 September 2014
7 January 2015

To read the call in brief and for further information visit ELIA European Arts, Culture & Policy News - HORIZON 2020 Funding Calls.
This newsletter is funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views of ELIA and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.  
13th ELIA Biennial Conference Glasgow
Highlights: Keynote Speakers

Registration Deadline 31 October

EQ-Arts Upcoming Events
Save the Dates


Participation on Trial Conference

Call for Venue:
15th ELIA Biennial Conference 2018

Deadline 1 December 

Call for Presentations, Papers and Workshops:
7th ELIA Teachers' Academy 2015

Deadline 15 December

EU Funding Calls for HORIZON 2020 Open in
2014 & 2015



Upcoming events

Taipei, 03-05 October 2014
2014 ALIA (Asian League of Institutes of the Arts)
Symposium Taipei: 
'VIP - Vision, Integration and Profession'

Amsterdam, 10-11 October 2014
Participation on Trial Conference

Glasgow, 12-16 November 2014

Glasgow, 13-15 November 2014
13th ELIA Biennial Conference:
Location Aesthetics

Glasgow, 15 November 2014
EQ-Arts Workshop

Belgrade, 14-16 November 2014
FIST 10 - Festival of International Student Theatre

Helsinki, 26-27 November 2014
5th Art of Research Conference:
Experience, Materiality, Articulation (AOR2014)

Vienna, 12 December 2014
EQ-Arts/AQ-Austria Co-operation Launch

Birmingham, 30 March - 1 April 2015
EQ-Arts Experts Training

Gothenburg, 5-6 November 2015
1st PARSE Biennial Research Conference



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