ELIA Board Critical of European Ranking Plans

In its October 2009 meeting, the ELIA Board expressed serious concerns about the plans to develop a European approach to ranking of universities. Recently a large-scale project U-Multirank started to investigate the feasibility of such a ranking system. This European Commission project develops and tests an alternative design for a global university ranking, "avoiding the flaws and deficits of existing international rankings and providing a valid, fair comparison of institutions."
The Board strongly feels that a system of University Ranking, in whatever form, could have a damaging effect on the higher arts education sector in Europe as a whole. The Board nevertheless decided to discuss this issue with an open mind at the Biennial Conference in Nantes, October 2010 both at one of the symposia and at the General Assembly and to prepare an information and strategy paper for further discussion.

In the meantime, it welcomes an open and wide debate to discuss arguments, indicators and possible implications of ranking for the arts. Experience, views and information from member institutions, involved in or confronted with ranking and/or classification activities within their country would be of great help to develop our arguments and to represent the views of our members. Please post your comments on the ELIA Blog and/or send them to Ulf Dalnäs Ulf.Dalnas [at] konst.gu.se and Truus Ophuysen truus.ophuysen [at] elia-artschools.org that will follow-up this issue.

The Executive will closely monitor ongoing ranking initiatives and regularly update ELIA members about developments through the ELIA newsletter. In order to have access to information ELIA has become a stakeholder in the U-Multirank project, without committing ourselves in any way to the outcomes.

For more information, please contact:
Ulf Dalnäs: Ulf.Dalnas [at] konst.gu.se
Truus Ophuysen: truus.ophuysen [at] elia-artschools.org

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