NXT Residency 2017: Make Yourself an Expert Hub


As part of the NXT project – Making a Living from the Arts (co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union), ELIA - European League of Institutes of the Arts is organising a residency programme in April-May-June 2017, hosted by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, in cooperation with Make Yourself an Expert HUB 2017 and the Centre for Knowledge Transfer East (WTZ OST).

SELECTED ARTISTS for NXT Residency 2017

We are very excited to announce that 5 talented international artists were selected for the NXT Residency that will take place April - June 2017 in Vienna. They will be joined by the 5 local artists listed below. 

Here are the artists in alphabetical order:
Josef Bares – Academy of Fine Arts Prague
Aloïs Bordenave – Royal College of Art London
Samantha Harvey – Central Saint Martins
Ana Garcia-Pineda – Felicidad Duce Institute of Design
Ivana Tkalčić – Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb

The 5 local artists joining the group above are:
Iris Dittler - Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Veronika Burger - Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Katrin Bruder - Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Lena Gold - University of Applied Arts Vienna
Siegfried Skalar

Make Yourself an Expert Hub: GOING INTERNATIONAL

Are you an emerging artist and you want to give a boost to your artistic career? Would you like to GO INTERNATIONAL? Would you like to learn how to collaborate internationally and develop your skills to properly manage your artistic career? This RESIDENCY might be just the thing for you.

The NXT Residency programme gives 5 European artists the opportunity to learn, experience and practice their skills to successfully GO INTERNATIONAL. During this 3-month residency, the selected artists will have the unique chance to kick-start their international careers and use the skills they acquired to establish successful careers in the art world.

Vienna, a well-known stepping-stone for internationalisation and with a vibrant scene in culture and art, is the perfect location to apply and master these skills.

ELIA is looking for artists who have developed already a consistent body of work and want to take their careers to the next level through a hands-on programme that aims to broaden their skills in networking, self-marketing, negotiation, pricing, international distribution and management of their artistic careers.

As part of the NXT Residency, the 5 selected artists will attend a 3-month training programme called MAKE YOURSELF AN EXPERT HUB together with selected local artists.

MAKE YOURSELF AN EXPERT HUB is a programme of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the Centre For Knowledge Transfer, a trans-disciplinary and inter-university project that aims to strengthen the entrepreneurial skills of artists.

In 2017 the theme of the MAKE YOURSELF AN EXPERT HUB will be GO INTERNATIONAL.

The GO INTERNATIONAL programme consists of 3 intensive courses (1 to 2 days each), accompanied with handover tasks between coaching blocks. Professional trainers and coaches will work in group- and individual trainings with the artists to improve their readiness for internationalisation.

Based on transferable skills and tools, the artists will be training in:

  • Developing visions, plans and targets for internationalisation;
  • Presentation techniques and tools aimed to different audiences, cultures and markets;
  • Networking and communication skills;
  • Developing an individualised model of costs and income leading to a heterogeneous and sustainable plan, including, self-management, income-cost relations, pitch techniques and application design.

The selected artists will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a variety of artistic and cultural fields in Vienna and experience the day-to-day challenges of working and living abroad.

All lectures, coaching and training sessions will be taught and trained in the English language.

Attendance of the training sessions is mandatory.


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