City of Poznan

The capital of Wielkopolska, located at the very heart of the province, is a city which has for hundreds of years been one of Poland’s largest and most developed in both the economic and cultural sphere. Home to over half a million people, Poznan is situated at the crossroads of Europe’s most important transport routes, linking Moscow with Berlin and Paris, and Prague with the Baltic coast. This location provided favourable conditions for the co-existence of many nationalities and cultures, in this way shaping the identity of Poznań as a city and also the unique character of its residents. It is said that Poznanians are prudent, consistent and well organised.

Poznań is famous both for its trade fair facilities and rich trading traditions, its interesting sights, original cuisine and welcoming atmosphere. It is the city where the modern meets tradition and history, creating a mosaic which is one of a kind and unique.

More info about Poznan can be found here.  


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