The Symposium “W/Here: contesting knowledge in the 21st Century?” will address the following themes:

Have We Ever Been Modern

The Transformation of the Learning Space

Imagining the new art school requires a challenge to the idea that higher arts education knows itself and its own future. Demographic changes, technology, ecology and an evolving urban space have undermined a model of an arts school once considered radical and modern nearly a century ago.
What is required now are a series of informed provocations to stimulate a debate about the creation of a new type of art school building for a future in which the role of leadership in Higher Arts Education is being transformed.

Dispersed Learning

Knowledge and Expertise in Arts and Design

Art schools are no longer the authoritarian keepers and distributors of knowledge. Their expertise is being challenged by social networks and increased mobility, both fostering informal and dispersed learning and exchange. Canons are crumbling. New sets of demands are placed on the art school to re-imagine and re-define its role and relevance.
As institutions propose answers to these contestations, what expertise and knowledge should be developed to support the necessary shifts in leadership?

Open Source

Leading Through Access

Creative and technological changes have resulted in a new generation of leaders in art education. In looking at the future of higher arts education, how will this generation of leaders be different from those who came before them?
These sessions will focus on the principles of building deeper and more diverse leadership through access to the educational and developmental preparation of new leaders who come from different social, economic, educational or cultural backgrounds.

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