European student competition

Multilingual Europe in Focus

The 15 finalised audiovisual productions have been presented during the PRIX EUROPA Festival in Berlin, 22-29 October 2011 where the PRIX EUROPA Prize for "Best Video on Multilingualism of the Year 2011 by a Student" was awarded in the 'Languages through Lenses' category.
A 30-minute documentary was made by Alex TV.

And the winner is:
The importance of speaking two languages
Yael Leibel & Marco Resa
Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia - CSC
(Rome, Italy)

The jury gave a further commendation to Missing the Train by Lubomir Draganov & Dimitar Kostov (New Bulgarian University, Sofia).

The 90-second films focus on language learning and cultural diversity. They were produced by students in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, Italy, Poland, Hungary, the Netherlands, Portugal and the United Kingdom and selected for screening from more than 120 entries.

A shortlist of three films was announced at the Dutch embassy in Berlin on Wednesday evening 26 October:

Muhabbat Huiskamp & Jitte Hoekstra (NL)

Missing the Train
Lubomir Draganov & Dimitar Kostov (BG)

The importance of speaking two languages
Yael Leibel & Marco Resa (IT)

You can view all the films here.

Through this competition we invited students to give a contribution on the benefits of language learning, the value of speaking several languages and the richness of intercultural exchanges, using the language of the arts.

The competetion was for new audiovisual productions that are innovative, witty, creative, unexpected, motivating and that explore the potential of multilingualism and the challenges it creates. They should deliver a clear message, be self-explanatory and easily understandable to a broad public with different backgrounds and mother tongues.
The filmmakers could use any European language or a combination of languages and use any digital technique.

Who are the organisers?

ELIA - European League of Institutes of the Arts - in cooperation with CILECT- International Association of Film and Television Schools - is organising this competition on behalf of the European Commission and in partnership with PRIX EUROPA.

What did successful applicants receive?

  • A production grant of 5000 € for producing the audiovisual production.
  • A workshop in Amsterdam on 16-18 May 2011 with high profile experts in the field of scriptwriting and short film production:
    • Syl van Duin, Writer and buyer for documentaries for the Dutch public television
    • Pál Sipos, Producer and Head of Cultural Programs in the Hungarian Television until 2010
    • Pekka Ruohoranta, Producer and director in YLE Drama
  • A DVD of the audiovisual productions will be produced and widely distributed to television stations and festivals.

General context

The European Union has a strategy on multilingualism with a focus on cultural diversity, based on the motto ‘United in Diversity’. Linguistic diversity and intercultural exchanges enrich as well as complicate our societies.

The European Commission fosters and promotes language learning at all levels and of all languages in order to encourage citizens to make full use of the opportunities created by the diversity of languages and cultures in Europe. At the same time, it promotes multilingualism to preserve linguistic diversity in Europe.
Languages in the European Union: 23 official languages, a multitude of regional and minority languages and a variety of languages spoken by immigrants.

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