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The European Commission fosters and promotes language learning at all levels and of all languages in order to encourage citizens to make full use of the opportunities created by the diversity of languages and cultures in Europe. At the same time, it promotes multilingualism to preserve linguistic diversity in Europe.
Languages in the European Union: 23 official languages, a multitude of regional and minority languages and a variety of languages spoken by immigrants.

On behalf of the European Commission ELIA in partnership with PRIX EUROPA and in cooperation with CILECT (International Association of Film and Television Schools) has issued a call for proposals for the production of new short videos (minimum 60 maximum 90 seconds) to promote foreign language learning and the positive aspects of multilingualism in Europe. 15 proposals were selected.

An international panel of experts evaluated submissions from all over Europe while taking into account the following:


* Benefits of knowing foreign languages
* richness the diversity of languages represents

Express a clear message,

* easily understandable to a broad public with different backgrounds and mother tongues - without dubbing our subtitles
* understandable in itself - without further explanations

The video should

* attract the attention of the viewer
* motivate people to learn languages and /or
* raise interest in other people/cultures/languages

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