Diner Pensant

Wednesday 5 July
18.15 hrs

A Shadow Course
Frederic Gunve
HdK, Gothenburg University, Sweden

Teaching and Learning as Collective Listening 

Ricarda Denzer and Jo Schmeiser
University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria

Explorers of the post-human world 

Ruben Jacobs
Utrecht University of the Arts, Netherlands

Doing art’s elastic narrative(s): Risk and unlearning as art’s pedagogical practice. 
John Baldacchino and Jeremy Diggle
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Unites States

Break Out 1

Thursday 6 July
10.45-12.15 hrs

Session: Curiosity

Curiosity in Practice
Rebecca Thomas
University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Session: Hybridity

Planning or Improvisation? Project Development and Coaching for Artists. 
Mahir Namur
Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Turkey

Collaborative Art-Making/Intentional Community: How a transdisciplinary, experiential, integrated arts curriculum promotes elasticity in teaching and learning. 
Kate Hewson, Marina Kelly
University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States

Session: Social Change

Enabling all art and design students to be a part of Social Change
Emma Shackleton
Central St Martins and London College of Fashion, University of London, United Kingdom

European Academy of Participation
Lars Ebert
ELIA/Castrum Peregrini 

Session: Research

Studio Inside and Outside 
James Corazzo, Becky Shaw, Jerome Harrington
Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom

Practices of Enquiry: Making Teaching Visible 
Elliot Burns, Catherine Smith
University of the Arts London, United Kingdom

Break Out 2

Thursday 6 July
13.30-15.00 hrs

Session: Curiosity
Drawing – Talking. Interdependences between student-teacher interactions and drawing processes in art education classes. 
Nadia Bader
State Academy of Art and Design Stuttgart, Germany
Teachers talk about learning
Action research the impact of feedback on learning in higher arts education 

Govert Anschütz
LUCA, Belgium

Session: Hybridity

​Let's Plaii, Interdisciplinary Improvisation tool for Higher Arts Education
Annemarie Geerling
ArtEZ University of the Arts and University of the Arts Utrecht, Netherlands

Session: Social Change

Two's Company 
Anne Eggebert, Sarah Cole
Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, United Kingdom

Moving Thought- The Hidden Choreography underlying our Lives 
Trude Cone
University of the Arts Amsterdam, Netherlands

Session: Research

Research / Education / Praxis : What are the key issues today in pedagogic research in Art and Design? 
Michael Gorman, Sally Wade and Chris Owen
GLAD, United Kingdom

Gudrun Beckmann, Martin Boven, Nathalie Beekman and Corinne van Beilen
Hanzehogeschool Groningen, Netherlands

Break Out 3

Thursday 6 July
16.30 - 18.00hrs

Session: Curiosity

'Tell Your ArtTale'- The Ultimate Museum Game
Eva den Heijer
University of the Arts Utrecht, Netherlands 

Session: Hybridity 

Managing Hybridity: Linking Art, Science and Technology
Nina Horstmann
UdK Berlin, Germany

The Transferable Skills of the Dance Artist: Challenging Dance Education (Erasmus+Project KA2 Strategic Partnerships)
Kim Lokers and Ulrika Kinn Svenson
Fontys Dance Academy, Netherlands

Session: Social Change 

Creating Pedagogies of Social Justice
Melodie Holliday
University of the Arts London, United Kingdom

Map my Ethics! An interactive journey through Art Ethics
Pratap Rughani
University of the Arts London, United Kingdom

Session: Research 

Design in Context
Barbara Asselbergs and Michel van Dartel
Avans University, Expertise Centre for Art and Design EKV, Netherlands

From Practice to Theory to Practice: Experiencing Academic Research from a Practice-Based Perspective
Kie Watkins
Lasalle, Singapore 

View on the Other - View of the Other: The Reflective Potential of a Photographic Approach to Pedagogical Processes
Katja Böhme
UdK Berlin, Germany

Break Out 4

Friday 7 July
10.30-12.00 hrs

Session: Curiosity

Embodies Research Technologies
Eline Kieft
Conventry University, United Kingdom

Session: Hybridity

Habla Con ELIA
Guido Tattoni
NABA, Italy

Session: Social Change

Is teaching always political?
Andrea Braidt, Elke Krasny, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Boris Buden, Bauhaus-University Weimar
Hedvig Turai, International Business School, Budapest
Christiane Erharter, ERSTE Foundation, Vienna


Session: Research 

Who Comes? Who Stays? Who Leaves?
A longitude emprical study about the development of professional self-concepts by art teachers candidates at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart

Annette Hermann
State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart, Germany

Embodied Education: Performance as a Research Strategy and a Collective Learning Experience
Philippine Hoegen
Avans University, Expertise Centre for Art and Design EKV, Netherlands


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