Sara Wookey

Dancer, Choreographer and Consultant
United Kingdom
Moving Through the City and Cultural Contexts: How engaging human movement and sensitivities to socio-spatial dynamics contribute to learning and understanding 

In this keynote address Sara will introduce a series of projects she has initiated and implemented for cultural institutions and government agencies in the United States and in Europe. These projects consider artistic practice as a tool for prompting sensitives to movement and the socio-spatial as well as act as subtle interventions to help amplify the rather invisible rules of social behavior imposed by urban, public-private space and cultural institutions. Some projects that will be shared are: Metro Art Moves You a curated series of interactive tours for the Creative Services Department at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in Los Angeles and led by artists and aimed to demystify the transit riding experience for Angelenos; Punt.Point at the vanAbbe museum, Eindhoven that introduces a wearable and playful tool kit offering 'repositions' for the museum visitors to engage with, including headstands; Performing Navigations: (Re)mapping the Museum at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles that aims to encourage new modes of navigation in an otherwise confusing environment; And her work with Tate Learning as part of the Experience and Value of Live Art and as the Associate Role: Curating and Young People where she is engaging young people into her practice and in ways that choreographic practice can be a mode of knowledge exchange and collaborative thought processes.

Eamon O'Kane

Dean of Art Department
Professor Of Visual Art
Artistic Research Leader (KU Leder)
Bergen Academy of Art and Design

Fröbel Studios: The Institiute of Creativity – An introduction to Eamon O´Kane´s non-hierarchical and co-constructive interactive installations.

In his keynote address Professor Eamon O´Kane will introduce a series of interactive installations inspired by the legacy of Frederich Fröbel (the inventor of the kindergarten) that have been shown in exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York, Limerick, Quimper and Dublin. Beginning with the historical context of the research, the artist will discuss how his artworks develop the argument that within Fröbel's legacy we can locate the seedbed of modern art. Fröbel designed the educational play materials known as Fröbel Gifts, which included geometric building blocks. With its emphasis on abstract decomposition and building up from elemental forms, the original kindergarten system of the mid-nineteenth century created an education and design revolution that profoundly affected the course of modern art and architecture, as well as physics, music, psychology and the modern mind itself. Eamon O'Kane's installations can be referred to as "research-based-projects". The audience can change the work by using the materials placed at their disposal and initiate new ways of approaching the material, which prompts the artist to take the work in different directions in subsequent versions of the installation. In a truly experimental way the straightforward boundaries between production and reception, workshop and museum, spectator and audience have become permeable.

Jonas Dahlberg

Artist, Jonas Dahlberg Studio
The Architecture of Loss: the July 22 Memorials

After the July 22 atrocities in Norway the Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg was giving the task of designing the permanent memorials at the Sørbråten peninsula in Hole municipality and in the Government Quarter in Oslo, as well as the temporary memorial in the Government Quarter in Oslo. Jonas Dahlberg’s proposal for the memorial site on the Sørbråten peninsula evokes the physical feeling of loss, symbolizing the wound inflicted on the victims, their families, and the whole of Norway by the Utøya massacre on July 22, 2011. Rock removed from Sørbråten, which lies opposite the island of Utøya, will be used to create a memorial in Oslo’s government quarter, forming a link between the scenes of the two terror attacks.

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