ECONOMIES OF AESTHETICS addresses everyone interested and open for exchange and reversing discussions – from arts, design and university lecturers, to urban developers, sociologists, economists, or protagonists of cultural institutions. The programme offers an in-depth interchange of ideas during informed debates across the following themes:

Thursday 18 June

THE POSSIBLE – Catalyzing urban change
Culture is a main driver in the transformation of contemporary urban space in many different ways, from culture-driven urban renewal to new forms of citizenship through bottom-up cultural participation. Is that for real or is it just a gateway to gentrification? What are the emerging models? What the main challenges and criticalities?

THE PROFITABLE – Economic value, reloaded
Cultural and creative industries are among the most dynamic sectors of the economy. But not always mere maximization of profits proves to be the best way to create value in an effective and sustainable way in today’s society. How do we set and secure the most favorable terms for professional artistic practice and cultural entrepreneurship to create the future?

THE SENSIBLE – Building an antifragile society
How is culture contributing to individual and social resilience in a complex changing environment such as the present one? In a period of mounting xenophobia, ethnic radicalism, and soaring social and economic inequality, how can culture address these challenges in a more accessible and expressive way and function as a platform for a more cohesive society?

THE DESIRABLE – Architectures of meaning
How central is the quest for, and the contribution to, culture as meaning and sense making in the life of contemporary people? Does it still make sense to speak of culture as a key feature for quality of life? How can we create more inclusive forms of cultural participation that help people develop new skills and capabilities for the benefit of all?

Friday 19 June

The production of new knowledge goes hand in hand with an anticipation of future challenges. Economies of Aesthetics offers a complex artistic refelection and presents how insights and results unfold.

The conference displays the effects of the processes that art and design – creative and cultural activities – unfold in a society. The impact of Culture will be discussed  including the critical competences from economy, sociology, ethics and politics.

Examples of successful  projects presenting enduring spaces for cultural entrepreneurship will profile the role within society through new creative processes, in supporting motivated and skilled individuals with an artistic background - promoting new talents – The future is now!

What are the facilities and is the infrastructure needed for creativity? What are existing underlying processes supporting a successful cultural development?

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