ELIA Afternoon


Find out what ELIA working groups have developed in the past months and take part in the conversation.

Teaching How to Make a Living from the Arts

This session will focus on sharing experiences and knowledge on existing and emerging methods on how to support students in their artistic career development.

What are the skills that artists might need to be able to make a living from their artistic practice? Are Higher Arts Education institutions integrating these skills into the curriculum or are they being taught as extra-curricular subjects?

In this session we share insights from the project NXT Making a Living from the Arts and hope to hear questions and best practices from our members.

Arts in Education

ELIA and AEC have established a working group on art in (primary and secondary) education. This group has done a quick scan of how art, design and the performing arts are being taught at this level across Europe and is engaged in the discussion about key competences and the creation of a European Area of Education and Culture by 2025. The working group will discuss its findings with the delegates and is looking forward to a good conversation with those present.

Quality Assurance in cooperation with EQ-Arts

This session provides tools to arts universities to use their potential in critical reflection and innovative reasoning to come up with alternate and more development-oriented approaches to Quality Assurance and Quality Enhancement.

What can the city do to make Artistic Research resilient?

The workshop will start off with input by members of the ELIA working group on artistic research. They observed that within the last decade it has become common to use the arts and artistic research as fuel for the creative industries / urban spaces / cities. But the arts and artistic research in themselves are more than fuel: they contribute to society, cities and urban spaces. From the point of view of resilience this opens up a series of new questions: how can and should urbans spaces and cities contribute to the resilience of the arts and artistic research? City politics and artistic research practices often interact, as artistic research often needs to make use of public space. How can cities make sure to give space to arts and artistic research? 

EU Funding

This interactive workshop will provide up to date information on European funding programmes and policies. Participants will learn more about taking part in calls and building a strong consortium.

Evaluation Models HAE Institutions

Models to assess the outcome of teaching and research – be it rankings, indicators or peer reviews – have become highly influential not only for ranking universities worldwide, but also for the funding schemes applied to these institutions. Higher art education is increasingly affected by this development. At the same time, the models used to judge higher arts education are usually not fit to give valid information on these institutions. In the ELIA community, there is a controversial debate going on whether to abstain from these issues altogether or to explore ways in which adequate criteria could be found to actually assess higher arts education institutions. ELIA recently created a working group to work on this topic which will report on its work in this session.

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