This year's conference theme is TURN MIRRORS INTO WINDOWS. Europe has transformed almost beyond recognition over the past years. Thanks to technological evolution, globalisation and open border policies, we find ourselves working and living in close connection to the rest of the world. At the same time Europe's self-conception as a place of tolerance, inclusion and prosperity is increasingly challenged by complex issues such as large migration processes, an ageing population, emerging radicalism and shifting economic powers.

What do we see when we look at ourselves, our institutions, and the world? To what extent do we adapt, make use of or even contribute to the challenges and opportunities presented? And how shall we move forward?

TURN MIRRORS INTO WINDOWS provides a platform for ELIA members to discuss these questions and consider the role artists, arts educators and arts education institutions have in the creation of tomorrow's society. Florence, with its turbulent political and artistic history, a beacon of European cultural heritage, is the ideal city to have this conversation.


The conference theme TURN MIRRORS INTO WINDOWS will be discussed in detail through various thematic strands, each addressing a specific issue:  
Preparing the Artists of Tomorrow
Preparing the Artists of Tomorrow showcases different approaches to meet the opportunities and challenges that young artists and creative professionals encounter in today’s society and while facing the industry, during their education as well as after graduation.
Crossing Borders
Crossing Borders reflects on change versus the status quo in today’s society, prompted by actors such as globalisation, diversity and gender, and how the arts and higher arts education play part in this.
Artistic Research
This session addresses current developments in artistic research, with a distinct focus on the 3rd cycle. It discusses a joint ELIA/EUA position paper and showcases challenging practice examples.
Making a Living from the Arts
Through the project NXT - Making a Living from the Arts, ELIA looks into what higher arts education institutions are doing to support the career development of emerging artists. How can young artists make a living from their artistic practice? How are higher arts education institutions evolving? What is the role of the arts in the societal context? The role of the creative industries and the activities developed by creative hubs all over Europe and beyond are taken into consideration.
Quality Assurance and Enhancement
Quality Assurance and Enhancement discusses the quality management process of higher arts education institutions and programmes across Europe and beyond, investigates how higher arts education institutions and programmes could be supported in quality assurance and accreditation processes and addresses current influential developments. 
Community/Activation discusses the arts and higher arts education as a catalyst for social, cultural, political or rural transformation and its impact on communities.
Transformations in Learning and Teaching
Transformations in Learning and Teaching showcases new approaches in didactic strategies and practice in higher arts education.
Analogue/Digital goes into the relation between online and offline creation, conservation and learning processes.
The Role of the Arts Schools​
The Role of the Art Schools presents papers and best practices on strategies of higher arts education institutions.


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